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Historical importance of Game 2

Game Two just may be the most important game to a series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

All of the others are important in their own right, but Game Two possesses momentum for the team who wins it. If a road team wins, they take the big ‘mo’ back home. If the top seed takes both games to start the series, they’ve put the underdog behind the eight ball. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers…

- Game Two winners win a series 71.6 percent of the time (391-155). Game One victors have gone 377-169 (69.0 percent) in best-of-seven series.

- Teams that take a 2-0 series lead have won that series at an 87.0 percent rate (261-39).

- Teams that have lost Game One, but rebound in Game Two have gone 129-116 (52.7 percent).

- Since the 2003 postseason, 63.4 percent (26-15) of road teams that win Game Two have went on to win the series.

As you can see, Game Two is a vital game in a series. There are four of them tonight around the NHL, including the one in Nashville. Four more will take place this weekend.

For the Predators, Game Two did not mean anything last spring. They lost the second game of the first round to Anaheim and won the series. Then the Predators won Game Two in Vancouver and ended up losing the series.

Yet, these historical trends indicate tonight’s game between the Predators and Red Wings carries a lot of weight.

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