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Home 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Mohawks become playoff hairdo for three Predators

Mohawks become playoff hairdo for three Predators

When you walk into the Predators locker room, you might do a double-take when you see the hairdo for three of team’s defensemen. Instead of just going with the traditional playoff beard, a few Predators have gone with Mohawks for the playoffs.

“It’s nice to see guys just get fired up and laugh. That’s the main thing – keeping it a little loose,” said Kevin Klein, who started the trend before the postseason arrived.

Francis Bouillon and Roman Josi have since jumped on the Mohawk bandwagon.

“When Kevin Klein got his mohawk I told him if we make the playoffs that I would do it with him since he was my defense partner,” said Bouillon, whose kids have joined the fray as well. “I don’t really care about my hair. Right now I care about the playoffs. A new season [has started] so I wanted to change something.”

Josi’s Mohawk is hardly noticeable due to his shorter hair, but he said he felt the need to get it done after seeing his fellow defensemen get the Mohawk.

“I’m a rookie so I have to do it, too,” Josi said.

Klein added, “Josi’s is a little short, but he’ll work on growing that out. I didn’t even know he was doing it, then he came in a couple days ago with it and it’s good to see.”

Usually you see this stuff in college hockey during the tournament, but all three defensemen mentioned that this isolated Mohawk trend is a signal of how close the team really is.

“We have great chemistry and it shows we have a lot of fun in the locker room together,” Josi said. “This is kind of a way to express it.”

Said Bouillon, “When I was in Montreal about half of the team shaved their head. I’m always a group guy. When somebody wants to do something, I’m always willing to do it.”

Bouillon and Klein both mentioned that their teammates have enjoyed the new look – “When I came with mine everyone was excited about it,” Bouillon said – but they are having a hard time getting them to join in.

“I told [Craig] Smith ‘You got to do it’ and he said ‘No, I like my hair too much,’” Bouillon said.

Klein added, “Some guys on the team are a little too pretty, so they have to hold up their reputation I guess. Maybe their wives won’t let them.”

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