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Poile on Suter: ‘We need to move this forward’

Predators GM David Poile is losing patience in regards to Ryan Suter’s decision-making process. Poile admitted just that in a brief meeting with the media this afternoon.

“It is getting to the point here and I feel it is time to exactly carve out our position with their camp and that is probably going to be the next step,” said Poile, who stated he had talked to Suter’s agent, Neil Sheehy, multiple times today. “I’m changing my position a little bit because I would like clarity sooner than later.”

Poile obviously can’t pull the trigger on any sort of Plan B, per se, until he knows Suter’s intentions – but he did hint that he could move on before Suter signs.

“It’s a tough situation that we’re in. Ryan controls all the cards right now. If he comes back and signs with us, that’s terrific and we live happily ever after,” said Poile, “but we need to move this forward because there is a couple of other directions that we may want to go if we knew that he wasn’t coming back.”

Poile mentioned that he would make a “firm offer” to Suter in the very near future in attempt to speed up the process.

“It may not do any good because he can do whatever he wants to do, but I want to be crystal clear as to what level of commitment we’re going to make to him,” said Poile.

The wild card here is restricted free agent Shea Weber. Poile said today that he wants to include Weber in this process and get them both signed together. If Suter leaves, will Weber be reluctant to sign a long-term contract to stay in Nashville? It is widely speculated that if one goes the other could follow suit.

“I’m going to talk to Shea about what I’m going to do with Ryan and then reach [Shea’s] representative,” said Poile.

The Tennessean reported late tonight that the Predators had made a substantial offer to Suter. It appears Poile and the Predators are willing to go to great lengths to get Suter re-signed. The ball is in Suter’s court.

“We’re going to be competitive on term and we’re going to be competitive on money,” said Poile.

The longtime Predators GM also confirmed that he has spoken to unrestricted free agent Zach Parise, but did not say if he made an offer and did not know if the Predators were truly in the running to sign him.

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