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The waiting game continues

Over 24 hours after David Poile addressed the local media with an update regarding Ryan Suter, there hasn’t been any movement on this matter today – at least publicly. Suter’s agent, Neil Sheehy, has said today that nothing has changed or is imminent.

Suter doesn’t appear to be in a rush, and why would he? This is a life-altering decision. He has plenty of offers on the table and will be determining where he and his family will be living for the next decade-plus.

Some wonder how connected his decision-making process is to Zach Parise’s. If Parise signs first and goes to Pittsburgh, Detroit or Minnesota, will Suter follow suit? Also, there hasn’t been any indication of whether Nashville has been eliminated from the Parise sweepstakes. They are close friends and are believed to have interest in playing with one another.

If Parise re-signs in New Jersey (which is still a possibility, or so it’s being reported), how would that in turn affect Suter? The possibility of teaming up with Parise and going to one place wouldn’t be an option – which helps Nashville – but it would create more money for Parise contenders to throw at Suter.

Parise is likely to make a decision tonight or tomorrow morning; there isn’t such a timeline for a decision from Suter.



Yesterday, Poile expressed impatience with Suter. If this drags out well into tomorrow, will Poile turn the page and go with Plan B?

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