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Message from the editor

Readers of Smashville 24/7:

You may have noticed that our lockout coverage (and everything happening elsewhere during it) was minimal. I decided to take time to recharge the engines before this day arrived, treating the lockout like an extended offseason, as I was busy with my new job at 102.5 The Game and a bit of travel during the holidays. It was refreshing to just relax this fall and take my mind off hockey and the circus surrounding it.

Now that the silly lockout is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to get back to bringing you non-stop coverage of the Nashville Predators. And with that, I want to provide an update on things here at Smashville 24/7.

I am excited to announce that I will be joining forces with Robby Stanley of Hockey Night in Nashville. Robby has done a great job over at his site, as well as Nashville Sports Hub, and we are excited to be working side-by-side for this season and beyond!

One of the reasons why Robby and I are joining forces is our respective schedules. He’s busy attending classes on weekdays and I will be placed on the Predators’ in-studio radio crew for 102.5 The Game, meaning I won’t be attending games. Between the two of us, Smashville 24/7 will be represented at most practices, morning skates and games.

We are excited to get this show on the road as NHL hockey is FINALLY around the corner! Stay tuned to Smashville 24/7 as we will begin our season previews shortly.

Ryan Porth
Owner and Managing Editor

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