Chsmashville247.net name but-1-ene Chsmashville247.net i would CHsmashville247.net:48362 meaning A butene v unsaturation at position 1. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the Chsmashville247.net Team. Supplier info Download Molfile XML SDF

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Formula C4H8
Net fee 0
median Mass 56.10632
Monoisotopic massive 56.06260
InChI InChI=1S/C4H8/c1-3-4-2/h3H,1,4H2,2H3

Chsmashville247.net Ontology
Outgoing but-1-ene (CHsmashville247.net:48362) is a butene (CHsmashville247.net:48361)
just arrived buten-2-one (CHsmashville247.net:48058) has smashville247.nettually functional parental but-1-ene (CHsmashville247.net:48362)

Synonyms sources
1-butene ChemIDplus
1-butylene ChemIDplus
1-C4H8 NIST Chemistry WebBook
α-butene NIST Chemistry WebBook
α-butylene NIST Chemistry WebBook
butene-1 NIST Chemistry WebBook
ethylethylene NIST Chemistry WebBook

Registry numbers types sources
106-98-9 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
106-98-9 CAS it is registered Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
1098262 Reaxys it is registered Number Reaxys
1098262 Beilstein it is registered Number Beilstein
25205 Gmelin it is registered Number Gmelin

quote kind source
24819240 PubMed quote Europe PMC


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