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Your favourite Videos - before you vote your favorite videos top top the countdown this week, examine out that made tops last week.

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#1. Drake & Trey Songz - "Successful” - With 3 albums under his belt in 4 years, Trey Songz is approaching veteran condition in R&B. And with three featured song at the top of the countdown with no album, Drake is the hottest new artist in R&B. How can this "Successful" duo not have the #1 spot?

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#2. Mar J. Blige f/ Drake - "The One” - Drake shows up again on the countdown, this time assisting mary at the second spot. "The One" is the first single off she upcoming album, "Stronger."

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#3. Jamie Foxx feat. Drake, Kanye West & The-Dream - Jamie added Drake to the remix of this song and it's payment off v a move to the 3rd spot top top the countdown.

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#4. Lil Boosie - "smashville247.netter think It” - Boosie is lastly breaking into the national spotlight through his new hit. After ~ assisting so many other southerly artists on your singles, the easily referred to as in favors indigenous Jeezy and Webbie to make this a strong #4 winner on the countdown.

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#5. Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West - "Run This Town” - If these three don't operation this town, then who does? "106" countdown voters took a rest from upping this video last week to offer out Jay-Z's Madison Square Garden concert in minutes. Climate they returned to smashville247.net to make this the #5 video.

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#6. Jeremih - "Imma Star” - The newcomer took a hazard with his second video and also went because that comedy end glamour. Jeremih's gamble is paying off v a secure spot on the countdown.

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#7. Fabolous - "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” - Fab's flow, over a glittery Ryan Leslie track, supported by Ms. Keri's sexy rasp amounts to a certified banger. And also the fun video clip gives united state a paparazzi see of a night in ~ an exclude, club.

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#8. Yo Gotti - “5 Star” - The Memphis, Tennessee representer it is provided an anthem because that the 5 star ladies, and also the 5 star fellas that love them. And for that, his video clip earned a clues on the countdown. Why wouldn't he?

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#9 Ginuwine - “Trouble” - The Bachelor is no stranger to "trouble." and he's no stranger to the "106" countdown, delivering one more hit because that the fans.

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#10. City Simmonds - "Buy you a round (Up & Down) - His song shed up the radio charts, and also now Verse's video clip is doing the very same on the "106" countdown as a new entry at #10.

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