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I have determined I need a 16 GA next by side.I will use it for the sometimes pheasant hunt and fun shooting clays.I carry out my very own shot shell reloading so that will not be an issue.I"m searching for suggestions as to where to start my quest. Anyone have an opinion?

For a lighter field gun I have a Fox "A" grade which ns really like. A Fox Sterlingworth is usually the exact same gun for a lot much less money, however you did not say what your budget was. Quality twin guns are not inexpensive. An LC smith Featherweight could be another an excellent candidate. Both room American made, and also doubles in this nation are mostly pre war production with some exceptions. Somebody is most likely going to recommend a Turkish brand but I have actually no suffer with them. If you want to put out the money, a Winchester design 21, is as solid as a vault and also currently, prices space low top top 21s. I"ve checked out several recently in 16 ga for sale.
"We traction the trigger, the security went forward, both barrels fired virtually together, the total opened, ejectors kicked the fired cases over our shoulder ...the most totally automatic pistol we ever before fired" Elmer Keith- Shotguns by Keith

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If you space fortunate sufficient not to have a budget, I would certainly look at a Holland and also Holland, however I"m guessing that you are like most of us and have a budget. After you know your budget, you have to decide on boxlock versus sidelock and also then possibly brand-new versus used and then nation of origin.That will get you pointed in the ideal direction.For field use a pretty boxlock is a pleasure to carry. One example: AYA 4/53 in 16 gauge is a nice gun and is probably about 4K now. Because that a far better fit and finish call MW Reynods to view if they have any Bournbrooks for about 7K.CZ renders a 16 gauge that will be less. Maybe much less than a grand. There room a couple of Turkish firearms to consider. Countless of lock are less than 2KSpanish SxS deserve to go up conveniently in price and there space some very good ones that deserve to run well over 20KEnglish weapons will be much higher.If you want a well-made gun that is ugly, buy a German gun. Merkel is much more attractive than most German guns yet can acquire pricey.These are simply a few of the options.In the offered gun sector you have actually even an ext options.