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City of new York department of Correction18-18 Hazen Street, eastern Elmhurst, NY, 11370

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Anna M. Kross facility is among the brand-new York City’s room of corrections (NYC DOC) infrastructure located ~ above the Riskers Islands and named after the Department’s 2nd female Commissioner.

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The AMKC dwellings male inmates on around 40 acre facility and also takes custody of people convicted or accused of a crime and sentenced to a jail time of up to one year or incarcerated people who room awaiting move to another facility.

It houses over 2300 male inmates and serves together a mental Health facility for incarcerated people since around 40 % of DOC inmates have actually a history of mental health and wellness issues.

Facility Details

You should recognize that the brand-new York City’s room of correction monitors much more than eight correctional facilities on east Elmhurst in Riskers Island. If friend are specific about the Anna M. Kross Center, you need to note the following details so as not to confuse AMKC with various other NYC DOC facilities.

Name: NYC DOC – Riskers islands – Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC). Address: 18-18 Hazen Street City: eastern Elmhurst State: new York County: emperors County Jail type: City Jail. Postal code: 11370 County: Queens county

Security Level and Inmate Care

The AMKC basic incarcerates people who have actually pending provision or sentence and also others who space anticipating some preliminary. It offers a medium-security level facility and also accommodation come inmates because that the shortest feasible time.

The Correctional business providers job-related with DOC to enhance inmates’ mental care by providing suitable training for both security and also health staff so that they can work seamlessly v inmates diagnosed with any type of mental disorder.

Most officers go with 8 hrs of compulsory psychological Health an initial Aid (MHFA) food so that they can easily understand several indications of distress in any mentally ill incarcerated person.

This basic is the largest on the Riskers Islands and has the following units.

Clinical alternate to Punitive distinction (CAPS) unit: This unit provides treatment for also mentally ill individuals who have actually infracted and gives them therapeutic programs for better mental health. Methadone Detoxification Unit: This unit gives adequate care for inmates who are addicted come drugs. Programs to accelerate Clinical effectiveness (PACE) units: The speed comprises two departments that ensure that inmates adhere to several mental health and wellness managements. They provide out prison rules and also medication to incarcerated persons who uncover it an overwhelming to improve because of acute psychiatric decompensation, chronic psychological illness, or behavior disruptions.

Inmate Finder

You deserve to search because that an inmate in AMKC through going v the NYC DOC’s website and choosing inmate details from the perform of the drop-down menu.

You require to recognize the Book and Case number or NYSID or the inmate’s very first and last surname for the surname look-up. This find is not for inmates in federal, state, or police custody

You may location a contact on +1 718-546-1500 or visit the facility at

Anna M. Kross Center

18-18 Hazen Street

East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Communication via Mail

If you want to send any type of mail to an incarcerated person, you should understand that together emails are subject come inspection, and such correspondence must be created in pencil, black or blue ink.

When you send a letter to one inmate, use the inmate name and also ID number to facilitate basic sorting through correctional officers since inmates space not kept right here for a lengthy time.

Address her mail as below

Inmate Name, id Number

Anna M. Kross Center

18-18 Hazen Street

East Elmhurst, NY 11370

The AMKC does no accept sending out a residential property via mail, and you must ensure that the mail has a return address.

Also, note that any delay in postal company may reason your mail to arrive late. The inmate may have been relocated or released by this time, so ensure you send such mail quickly, if that is crucial, and adhere come the e-mail rule.

Inmate Funding

The NYC DOC – Riskers archipelago – Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) go not allow sending money to inmates, but if you should give any inmate cash, you can drop off a cash inquiry whenever friend visit or speak to the facility. Girlfriend will need the identification number and name the the inmate because that this.

Phone Calls

You are not allowed to call inmates, but all inmates can accessibility phones and also call for as much as 21 minutes every 3 hours. Other prisoners in solitary confinement can access up to 15 minute of call time per day.

Inmates contact through the eastern Elmhurst Police department City Inmate phone call Service, and as such, girlfriend should recognize that they may monitor this calls.

You may also collection up a pre-paid phone speak to account because that the inmate, but it is much better to wait until such an inmate is relocated come a long-term facility if you desire to develop a call routine.

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Visitation come an inmate in ~ the AMKC is ~ above the first letter the the incarcerated person’s critical name. You are noted with a visitation schedule so that you will know when you space to visit. Friend can access the visiting schedule because that January, February, and March.

You must take keep in mind of the adhering to if you are about to visit:

over there is no visitation top top Mondays and Tuesdays. Registration hrs on Wednesdays and Thursdays are in between 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM. You deserve to visit in between the hrs of 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM, however you should register by 8:00 PM. Registration hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are in between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Visitation starts at 8:00 AM and ends in ~ 4:00 PM, however you must have actually registered by 2:00 PM. Visitors need to come together with an acceptable type of identification such together the DMV non-driver license, the existing driver’s license, a precious employment identifier card, consulate-issued or diplomatic identification, IDNYC card, global passport, etc. Visitors over 15 years must present any kind of of the above method of identification. Visitors below 16 years, attach by an adult, carry out not need any form of identification. You will undergo passive canine searches. Incarcerated persons have the right to have approximately 3 visitors, and also they have actually just one visit session each day. You can visit Detainees approximately 3 times per week and sentenced persons as much as 2 times every week. Carry out not visit through suggestive or contraband clothing.

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