Your 1878 Morgan silver- dollar value is a minimum that $25.04 each. Many are worth a significant premium due to collector demand often increasing the value far over silver bullion price.

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Of interest to collectors, 1878 is the an initial year that the well-known Morgan disagreement series. Furthermore those to win by the Philadelphia mint have different unique arrays on the reverse, each distinctive and built up separately. Photos are further down the page identifying every variety.

As reflect on the chart, 1878 Morgan silver dollar worth is accurately established by, variety, mintmark and also condition. Review all of these components discovering exactly how much your coin is worth.


Further influence value: Three different mints in 1878 coined silver dollars, every valued individually today. Philadelphia, mountain Francisco and also thirdly, valued the highest are those native the Carson City mint. Your job is inspect for this mintmarks, situate them through the aid of the picture below and determine if her silver dollar has a "CC" or "S" mintmark, or no mintmark on the reverse.

Scarcity and demand incorporate to advanced the minimum value of 1878 silver- dollars produced at the Carson City mint. These are identified by the "CC" mintmark found on the reverse listed below the eagle"s tail feathers. Also worth mention, mountain Francisco produced coins identified by one "S" mintmark and Philadelphia coins (no mintmark) both have actually premium values compared to other dates in the Morgan series.

Identify various Varieties of 1878 Morgan silver- Dollars

Easily identifiable changes were made in the an initial year come the reverse design of the Morgan dollar. Fine worth checking, the certain reverse variety of her coin has an impact on worth in the uncirculated grade.

Value all has to do through the number of tail feathers of the eagle on the reverse design. A mindful count the the feathers determines if there space 7 or 8. Each variety is valued separately.

The hardest the the three reverses to spot are the tiny details identify the 7 over 8 feather variety. Look because that tips the feathers prolonging from under the significant feathers.

The mint in Philadelphia settled on the 7 tail feather design and also it continued as the style for the staying years of the Morgan dollar series.


Details raise 1878 Morgan silver Dollar worth

Essential to highest accurate coin worths is identify the problem of her 1878 silver- dollar. By closely assessing the surface and judging the quantity of stay reflect that is "grade." Entries in the worth chart over are detailed under these grade headings. Often an old coin is usual in heavily worn condition but scarce and also valued much higher if far-reaching detail remains.


Uncirculated: Is her 1878 Morgan silver dollar value at a premium because of "uncirculated" condition? an uncirculated coin is without any wear to its surfaces. Initial silver mint luster still covers all design details. Holding your coin through the edges, and also by tilting and slowing rotating, unbroken bands the luster radiate from edge to edge. Any wear disrupts this bands, most evident on Liberty"s cheek.


Extremely Fine: After only short time in circulation the greatest parts the the style begin come wear down slightly. Exceptionally fine problem describes a Morgan dollar v light wear. Hair information is still well defined, with just minimal flattening overall. A smoothing of the chin and cheek is evident. Overall, in this condition your silver- dollar portrays a sharp fresh appearance, with a nice silver gray coloring.

Fine: Wear has reduced original style detail come the point of merging. Every fine lines in the hair above the forehead have disappeared, replaced by big flat areas. As soon as rounded, the front of the neck and cheek listed below the eye are currently noticeably planarization by wear and abrasions. In spite of moderate also wear, lettering and also rim space well identified giving your coin a respectable appearance.

Good: Lack of style defines this old silver- dollar together "Good" condition. Liberty is mostly an outline, when a cap, hair curls and head tape are currently obscured. Lettering currently connects come the pickled in salt in places but readable. Lack of any type of hair line over the forehead locations this coin solidly in this reduced grade. Showing extreme wear, her 1878 Morgan silver- dollar value is bound closer come its silver- content than collector value.





























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