this coins are absolutely beautiful. Big, bold, wonderful miss Liberty design comes native sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens.If you have actually a modern-day gold reproduction date 2009, the values on this web page do no apply. Instead, see our alternative appraisal web page for coins date 2009 here.As the the last time us updated this appraisal page (see day above), the Grey Sheet, a conservative us coin price guide, quotes values beginning at $1600 us dollars because that the most typical coins in mean circulated condition to $2000 come $10000 for fully, absolutely uncirculated pieces.Most that the dates fall right into the price range just stated. Friend can number an almost right price because that these coins by including $150 come the base gold value. A $20 gold piece has 0.967 troy ounces the gold, so multiply the existing gold price (find it at by 0.967 and you have actually the base gold value. Now add $150 to get a ballpark sleeve price because that a *garden variety* date. If you occur to have actually a coin that is fully, for sure uncirculated, include $300 to the gold value, not $150.There space coins that are much from *garden variety*. They space the exceptions, and Nina has one that them.A 1908S coin is worth about three times what a normal St. Gaudens is worth, beginning in the catalogs in ~ $2700 in mean circulated condition and also rising over $20000 in uncirculated.A 1907 coin v the day in roman numerals (MCMVII) is an extremely special. The Grey Sheet claims $7700 in typical circulated and $26000 in uncirculated. Zowie!NEVER CLEAN A COIN. CLEANING ruins VALUE.As through all an useful collector pieces, you have to be aware of counterfeits. There room oodles of counterfeits the St. Gaudens gold pieces, and also you can have one of those. If girlfriend bought the coin top top eBay and it is no in a numismatic holder, the could really well it is in a counterfeit.After reading the little of advice in the front paragraph, Nina sent us a picture of her coin. Compared to the genuine McCoy in the composite picture, that is evident that Nina has a counterfeit piece. Not just is the surface ar inferior to a actual gold coin, the design itself is completely different, bearing just a faint resemblance to a genuine design. This counterfeit is obvious. Over there are several counterfeits that have the right to only be identified by a professional numismatist v a microscope. When buying St. Gaudens gold pieces, deal only with world you trust. Watch this web page for an ext info top top fakes.If you space interested in gaining your coin inserted in a holder, i m sorry would defend it native the elements and settle the counterfeiting issue, look increase the adhering to grading services on the Internet: PCGS, ICG, NGC, and ANACS. Execute not use other services.

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Coin: 1361, Genre: unified States, Timeline: human being Created (yyyymm): 200908, critical review: 201704 Appearance: regular round coin Metallic yellow Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1907, filter: 1907 come 1933 Image: us_st_gaudens.jpg original inquiry: this is a twenty dissension coin. No in god we trust. Seems to have actually a seam ~ above the edge but otherwise is smooth. Appears tarnished and has spots the seem darker. None of the photo is worn down.

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Details top top the mrs are an extremely raised. Sunlight rays wade lady pole rod branch yellow stick rod staff eagle eagle falcon branch stalk light ray beams sun sunburst