The government is remove the condition of old Canadian bills in an initiative to minimize counterfeiting due to the fact that they lack the security features that present in-print receipt have. As of January 1, 2021, you have the right to no much longer use these discontinued Canadian receipt in transactions: $1, $2, $25, $500, and also $1,000. 

The Bank of Canada will certainly still honour the worth of old Canadian document money – every you need to do is return the receipt to a financial institution. That said, you might want to take into consideration the value of your old Canadian file bills before you return them to a bank. What wake up if among them is rare and also ends up gift worth much more than its challenge value? 

Don’t underestimate the worth of her old Canadian paper bills. If friend have old banknotes lying about in drawers or boxes stuffed far in closets, it’s precious identifying if castle hold an ext value than meets the eye.

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That"s wherein we come in. A reliable Canadian brand prefer can easily identify her Canadian file money value. We offer cost-free evaluations to assist you determine the worth of old Canadian bills you may have actually uncovered. Consider how to finest assess the worth of your Canadian money and also where to offer old Canadian bills.

To help streamline your procedure of assessing your file money, we’ve additionally outlined some tips and information to help you identify the value of her old Canadian bills. You might just uncover a rarely Canadian invoice worth countless dollars!


Be conscious of the Myths

Sorry, many $2 Canadian Bills space Useless

Let"s first dispel a common misconception bordering old Canadian file bills, which came to be popular in 2014. You might have heard the the discontinued $2 Canadian invoice is worth $10,000 — however that"s wrong.

Indeed, a $2 paper bill at auction did market for $10,000 — however not due to the fact that it to be $2. Instead, the was since the signatures the the wrong officials were on it. The 1986 $2 notes v the AUG, AUH, and also AUJ serial number should encompass the signatures of bank of Canada governor Gerald Bouey and deputy governor john Crow, however some instead had the signatures of financial institution of Canada governor man Crow and also deputy governor Gordon Thiessen. This misprinted Canadian bills are actually the people worth any money.

A quick glance on eBay for people selling continual $2 bills paints a not really sunny picture for optimistic sellers: they’re going for just a tiny over their confront value, and also most never get any kind of bids anyway.

Know What paper Money is Rare

The financially rewarding $1,000 Bill

One that the most valuable and rarest pieces of Canadian paper money is the $1,000 bill, which to be discontinued in 2000 at the inquiry of the imperial Canadian an installed Police. Apparently, this hefty bill was being used largely within criminal organizations. The 1992 Canadian document bills were called "pinkies" due to the fact that of their red-pink colour, and also it"s thought that criminal still used them also after that is discontinuation.


You can find $1000 Canadian receipt in operation from 1935 (like the one pictured above), 1937, 1954, and 1992. The 1935 and also 1937 are thought about collectible Canadian document money and are always worth bringing in. When it pertains to the 1954 note, the record money"s worth is established by the item"s signature, serial number, and condition. Together for the 1992 note, that isn’t currently worth much, however maybe later after the standing changes collection in.

According come the CBC, it was announced back in 2018 that the government would eliminate the legit tender status of these notes, which way you have the right to no longer use lock in cash transactions. The bank of Canada defines the banknotes it problems as “legal tender,” meaning that it can be offered as main Canadian money in a transaction.

The good news here is that, even when they lose legal tender status, banknotes perform not necessarily shed their value – they just can’t it is in spent. They can, however, be considered an useful due to your rarity, amongst other factors. Suffice to say, $1000 bills space rich in value and also history.

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Old Canadian disagreement Bills

One the the most interesting finds you deserve to have as a Canadian document money collector is a rarely Canadian 1 dissension bill. Because dollar bills to be discontinued in 1989, they room exceedingly unique and also can fetch up to $350. 

As v all coin collectibles and antiques, the worth of old Canadian dissension bills counts on condition and also rarity. So, you’ll desire to ensure any type of Canadian dollar receipt you have been yellowed, dog-eared, or torn.

There is a significant notable $1 note in Canada, however, that will fetch you even more value than the consistent one. Launched in 1954, this infamous print is dubbed “The Devil"s Face” due to some civilization thinking the the depiction of the Queen"s hair looked sort of favor a devil"s face. They to be taken out of circulation, however a couple of still continue to be in Canada. We paid $3,500.00 because that the 1954 bank of Canada $1 Devil’s challenge Asterisk keep in mind pictured below – which is not as well shabby!


Even an ext interesting is that the Devil"s face replacement bank notes space themselves worth a pretty penny – so come speak. Follow to part specialists, the 1954 run of this Canadian document bills have the right to be precious as lot as $7,000 (for the $20 bill) and also as low together $3,000 (for the $1 bill). Talk about a an important find because that notes that don"t also contain a devil"s face!

The worth of Old Canadian Bills: carry out You have actually Rare Canadian paper Money?

You don’t desire to offer an old Canadian bill only to discover out the its value is an ext than you sold it for. That said, it deserve to be difficult to recognize Canadian document money value once you don’t know what come look for.

We’re happy to provide a little of a cheat paper so you have actually a far better idea of the worth of old Canadian bills when determining if you desire to sell, donate, or happen on your file money.

If girlfriend have any kind of of the following Canadian file bills, they are more than likely worth gaining a totally free Evaluation from as the likelihood of lock being an ext than challenge value is high:

Bank of Canada (anything issued in print runs 1954, 1937, or 1935)All dominion of CanadaAll the royal BankAll bank of MontrealAll financial institution of TorontoAll bank of Nova ScotiaAll Imperial financial institution of CanadaAll Union bank of CanadaAll Canadian bank of CommerceAll Molson financial institution of CanadaAll United says Silver CertificatesAll United states BanknotesWorld notes date 1950 and also earlier

And countless more, including this financial institution of Canada 1935 Canadian dissension Bill, which us paid $575.00 for:


As well as this 1934 Imperial financial institution of Canada $5 bill worth $180:


How to identify the worth of her Old Canadian document Bills

When you find a repertoire of old Canadian money, whether it it is in yours or handed under from a relative, the usual question that world ask themselves is “how much is this worth?” 

Sure, one old 2 dollar invoice looks cool – yet how much deserve to you actually gain for the old Canadian document money? 

The brief answer is paper money value depends on a few factors. Specifics Old Canadian money worth is dependent on: 


How many of this banknotes room still in circulation? perform your study – if 1000 other human being have the exact same old Canadian dissension bill together you, possibilities are that it’s not worth as much as if you have actually old Canadian file bills the only had actually a grasp of printings.

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A rarely Canadian 1 disagreement bill might be worth large bucks, but if the rips right into two, its value is cut in fifty percent too. If you suspect that her old Canadian paper money is precious something, it’s crucial to defend it – keep it in a binder, in a plastic sleeve etc so that you can preserve it and protect that from any kind of damage. The worth of old Canadian bills depreciates v wear and also tear.

The quality of old Canadian dollar receipt is typically rated top top a spectrum:

GoodVery GoodFineVery FineExtremely FineAbout UncirculatedUncirculated. 

The greater the quality, the higher the document money value:

Going Rate: 

A great way to assess her Canadian record money worth is to check out what rather are offering it for either in-store or online. If most online sellers space pricing it in ~ the very same price point, that’s a great indication of its current paper money value. where to sell Old Canadian Bills

The following time you uncover yourself wonder what your old Canadian coins or file money room worth, just remember these examples of Canadian money the were (and weren’t) found to be valuable. 

If you can’t uncover what you’re looking for here, or if girlfriend have any type of questions, climate drop by our store and also bring in her old Canadian money because that a totally free evaluation (or merely send images to info