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General DescriptionThe United claims five-dollar bill or fiver ($5) is a denomination of United says currency. The current $5 bill attributes U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's portrait top top the front and also the Lincoln Memorial on the back. The $5 bill is periodically nicknamed a "fin". The term has German/Yiddish roots and is remotely regarded the English "five", however it is much less usual today 보다 it remained in the so late 19th and early 20th centuries.The office of Engraving and Printing states the mean life that a $5 bill in circulation is 16 months before it is replaced as result of wear.Series 1963 $5 United says Note. City legend erroneously holds that the red seal from the year onward to be done in mourning that the Kennedy assassination. (Source Wikipedia)
Front Description5 in every corner. Text over "United says Note" "The United states of America" main is an engraved image of Abraham Lincoln base on a photograph of that taken by Mathew Brady take away in a studio in Washington, DC ~ above February 9, 1864. To the left is an additional 5 over which is printed "This keep in mind Is legitimate Tendar For all Debts Public and Private." below that is the Serial Number and also signatue that the united state Treasurer. To the appropriate is the Serial Number at the top. V the Red us Treasury Seal over the word FIVE. The series date is below together with the signature the the Secretary that the Treasury.

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At the bottom of the keep in mind are the indigenous "FIVE DOLLARS"
Back DescriptionText across the height reads " 5 The United states of America 5" bracket by two little "Fives" above "The" and "America" Two additional "Fives" show up one each on either finish of the note. In the center is photo of the Lincoln Memorial crowned by the native "In God we Trust" below the picture is captioned v the indigenous "Lincoln Memorial." The bottom states from left to ideal "Five 5 Dollards Five"
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Height66.00 mm
Width155.00 mm
Printed byAmerican financial institution Note firm (ABNC)
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