The Volkswagen Beetle, watched in a particular light, can be referred to as the many important and also iconic vehicle of all time. With over 21 million Beetles produced from 1938 to 2003, it"s also the second-best-selling vehicle of every time, behind the Toyota Corolla and ahead the the Ford version T. It"s rare to check out a Beetle in perfect shape or one with extremely low miles, and it"s even more rare to check out one the is both. Currently noted on Hemmings, this 1964 Beetle amazingly has been driven just 23 mile since brand-new and is in almost perfect condition. What"s the price, friend ask? One million dollars.

According come the seller, this Beetle was purchased brand-new in Beaverton, Oregon, in 1964 as a backup for the owner"s 1957 Beetle; the vehicle cost $1757 as soon as new. Apparently, he never needed it, as it to be promptly put into storage and never licensed, insured, or driven, and was only moved once: after 2 years of keeping the Beetle in a friend"s storage unit, the owner constructed his own building and also moved that there, where it sat from 1966 come 2016. The 23rd mile ~ above the odometer rolling over together the Beetle was pulled out of storage, and also the original battery has never even been activated.

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Finished in black with a red-and-white interior, the Beetle looks together if it has actually just rolled turn off the showroom floor. The home window sticker is still attached, and also the windshield wipers and hubcaps have actually never to be fitted and also are tho in their boxes. Having always been stored within under a sheet, it had actually until now never seen sunlight, follow to the seller. The car is it is provided by a 40-hp 1.2-liter flat-four engine mated come a 4-speed hand-operated transmission.


After the initial owner died in 2014, his arsenal was pass on come his nephew, who is the person now marketing the Beetle. He says the automobile was returned to running condition after coming out of storage without anything being done to influence its originality.

This time-capsule auto could it is in the most original Beetle in the world, something the the advertisement emphasizes. However if one million dollars is a little steep because that you, can we attention you in this 60,000-mile 1964 Beetle that"s detailed on eBay because that a mere $5500?


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