I to be trying to eight my alarm and also clicking the alarm switch ago and forth and since ns couldn"t get it to walk off I thought it to no work. Until I come out of class and also opened mine door and collection the alarm off. ~ 2 minute the alarm is an alleged to reset itself and also cut off. The does. But when I try to go into or departure the automobile it go off also when i unlock the sometimes. Ns tried turning the key in the driver door double to the left and also then double to the right and also the various other way. Still to no avail. Any type of suggestions space appreciated




My auto factory set alarm walk off once o rotate on mine car. Pushing manage doesn"t stop alarm. What must I do.?

The alert does not work however my tail lights keep flashing until I revolve the crucial in the driver"s side door twice, now my lamp don"t occupational period. Adjusted the bulbs adjusted the fuse to no avail.

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My alarm on mine 2002 Alero is constantly going off. I typical as soon as I rotate it off and step foot in the residence is going off again. Ns can"t also take a bath and get dressed due to the fact that it"s constantly going off. What do I do deserve to you help me? What is yes, really going on

I have actually 99 Honda accord. If friend don’t desire the alert to walk off unlock any type of other door various other than driver door. Its no a fix yet it wont walk off It gets turned on once the other 3 doors space locked. Prior to opening her door check to check out if the red irradiate is blinking ~ above driver side door. If there is no light blinking than there is no alarm. Otherwise get ready for everyone to look in ~ you. It take it me a little bit of time to number this out.

I adjusted my left an essential door lock and also don’t know exactly how to re collection my anti thefti have a 2007 Honda Accord se can any type of body help me reach me at frankandrade43

I had an concern with the main locking on 2001 kind r.

Which appeared to trip my clock, ac, dash light and set hazards off and also fob/central locking stopped working.

I changed fuse for clock etc yet kept tripping.

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Turned out I had actually to not usage remote fob and readjust the relay next to vehicle drivers side fuse board.

Now all is fine but immobiliser is flashing and also fob still doesn"t work, but it was a rapid fix

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