You won’t frequently win your matches in Word through Friends if you don’t know the two-letter native list. Not just is it beneficial to recognize which indigenous can it is in played, yet it’s also helpful to recognize which indigenous cannot be played. In 2019, Zynga included several new two-letter words to the list of playable words. So i figured it’s time to write-up an updated list here on mine site. So right here it is; the brand-new Words through Friends 2 Letter Words perform 2020;

Apparently the emperors at Zynga have actually once again arbitrarily made decision that previously-accepted words will no longer be accepted. Therefore in addition to adding 13 brand-new two-letter native in 2019, they have actually now scratched some long-established 2 letter words from the playable list.

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I went ahead and also updated mine WWF 2 application to the latest variation (on mine Android phone). And then i tested the entire list the two-letter words that you see below. The only 2-letter words on the list ns couldn’t play were ZA and IB. That’s it. Whatever else was playable. IB is one of the 14 that were added last year. Nobody to know or cares what it means, so that won’t be missed.

Disallowing ZA, on the various other hand, is a total game-changer. I can’t tell girlfriend how countless times I’ve reduce a ZA bomb top top my opponents with devastating results. We’re walking to miss you, ZA.

So numerous 2-letter words just disappeared!

— Laurie Jakobsen (
lljay27) may 21, 2020

Why are they unable to play these words while i still can? Well, you’ll never ever get an answer to the question. It’s just one more example where Zynga sloppily rolls out sweeping changes throughout the lot of versions the its signature game.

I highlighted in blue the 2-letter words that were included in 2019. Rotate your phone come the next to easily see every 6 columns;

New Words through Friends 2 Letter Words perform 2020


Unlike other video game developers who only make minor tweaks come their effective games, Zynga has actually proven their willingness time and again to do drastic changes to Words with Friends, for much better or worse. Sometimes, those transforms are an excellent like the totally free Word Meter and Fast play mode. I specifically love quick Play mode. Playing a video game in classic Mode currently seems prefer a irreversible commitment.

Other changes, however, appear to have compromised the integrity and fairness of the game. In particular, i’m referring to the power Up features which ended up being a standard part of Words through Friends 2. Prior to that update, if you want to cheat in ~ Words through Friends, you had actually to leave the app and go to part other app to acquire an unfair advantage. And I’m certain there space plenty of football player who space still law that. But now cheating is a attribute of the game! I created all about it in an additional post, Swap Tiles in Words with Friends Without shedding Your Turn.

It Is What that Is

Anyway, Zynga has actually made it clean they’re going to keep making drastic transforms to your game. I’m certain they’re making several money as players buy the power Ups and thereby obtain a large advantage end their opponents who aren’t utilizing them. Come me, that’s a strange point to allow. Imagine a chess complement where the pawns and also rooks that one player acquire to do all the moves the a queen makes because that player payment $1.99.

Time will tell if it hurts the popular of the game. All we can do is adapt to the changes, stop playing or play an additional game. Scrabble will constantly be wait with open up arms because that the vocabulary purists.

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What to Do once Your Words v Friends opponent is Cheating

Speaking that Scrabble…the standard board game also recently added 300 brand-new words. Merriam-Webster recently released the sixth edition the the “The official Scrabble football player Dictionary” which contains long-awaited 2-letter native OK and also EW. It had been 4 years since the critical update. Now, if girlfriend ask me, adding 300 brand-new words after 4 years sounds reasonable. It likewise makes lot of of feeling to add OK and also EW.

Zynga, on the other hand, appears to have included tens that thousands of brand-new words come its list of playable words. Several of which room cheeky acronyms favor BFF and also TFW. This shows up to it is in some type of cutesy effort to incorporate slang words the have become common and popular in current years…especially on society media. That’s fine, ns suppose. But if they’re now going to accept famous acronyms, climate why not incorporate OK and IQ?

New word Implications

As is always the case with change, some civilization will be much faster than others to take benefit of those changes. I’ve already played all the brand-new 2 letter words in my current games. Lock significantly include to the potential of your letters. Several opponents questioned how I was able to play words prefer JE, VU and also IB, which had actually never been acceptable before.


Another man kinda implied that i was somehow cheating…as if I had actually an unfair version of the application which permits me come play words the he couldn’t play.

New enhancements to the Words through Friends 2 Letter native List: BU, EE, EO, FU, IO, JA, JE, OO, OU, PO, TE, VU, YI

The bottom line, however, is the the brand-new 2 letter words make it a lot simpler to play 2 words alongside each other. How numerous times have actually you been unable come play a huge move since it consisted of an invalid word choose IO or FU? Well, those 2 words and 12 others are now playable. Just imagine if a word prefer PIETA is already on the board. Top top the 5 spaces beneath the word, friend play OTHER. In addition to her points because that OTHER, you likewise get points for PO, IT, EH, TE and AR. 6 words ~ above one play! it wasn’t often you could make a relocate like that. However it’s going to it is in a lot an ext common from currently on.

Definitions Don’t Matter

I expect none of you are having actually a problem with the truth that these new words room ridiculous. Indeed, they are. Ns mean, yes of food they do have definitions and they probably mean something to someone. However I’m ready to bet you won’t speak or hear castle this year or any other year.

Anyone who is tho preoccupied through the legitimacy the the indigenous on the board more than likely hasn’t to be playing very long. He is probably right into crossword puzzles and figured he would also like this various other word game.

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But as for seasoned football player of the game, we all know that Words with Friends no really about words. The interpretations of the words are irrelevant. Lock could’ve included words favor RO, UI and also XO come the perform of playable words and also it wouldn’t have actually mattered. What matters, an initial and foremost, is that you know what words you have the right to play. However then after that, you need to know when and where to play them for maximum points. That is what this game is all about.

Please comment with your think on the new 2 letter words. Many thanks for visiting my site!