Q. I’d choose to called my endure with 20 Mule Team Borax, which my vet argued after i had difficulties with pesticides. He stated I’d drop dead if I kept using flea sprays, as I’m extra sensitive to such things.

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My at home kitten come from the pound absolutely loaded through fleas. I placed Borax top top the carpet and carefully vacuumed the up. It functioned beautifully and also I haven’t had actually to do the Borax therapy again. I very rarely find a flea on mine cat even though outdoor cats come near her top top the display screen porch. The powder did no make her sick, no one did it make my bronchitis flare up, for this reason I’m marketed on 20 Mule Team Borax.

A. thanks for her story. We have heard from many readers that wanted to know whether Borax to be really toxicity to cats, as they read in our column. To say us are puzzled would be placing it mildly. Borax is salt borate, i beg your pardon is not the exact same as boric acid. Boric mountain is provided as a pesticide, when borax is not. (This is not intended to dispute your report the 20-Mule Team Borax got rid of your kitten’s fleas.)

Boric acid have the right to be offered for flea control yet it need to only be supplied in areas that cat or little children will not come right into direct call with it. Here is a story from an additional reader of our newspaper column:

“I simply finished analysis your column about using borax for flea control. Let me tell you what happened with ours cat. Our 15-year-old Siamese started having actually seizures. Exam revealed a tumor in the brain. Surgery was successful and she is currently doing well.

“When the organization was sent out for analysis at the pathology laboratory they had actually trouble figuring the end the exact materials of the specimen. Further study revealed it was a granulomatous tumor resulted in by inhaling boric acid.

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“We had actually used a famous commercial product on our carpet to regulate fleas. Needless come say, us will never ever use boric acid again.”

Another reader recommended dispersing borax on the carpet and also carefully vacuuming that up. The residue was an alleged to deal with a flea problem. Regular, even daily, vacuuming (with or without borax) have the right to be wonderful way to remove fleas. The vacuum cleaner bag need to be eliminated from the house immediately after every cleaning so that the fleas perform not escape. Diatomaceaous earth can additionally be used for flea control, but it too have to be used where the cat cannot gain to it and also breathe the in. A veterinary pharmacist has actually told united state that any type of powder deserve to be a trouble if a cat inhales it regularly. Part exterminators usage sodium polyborate, which more than likely should not be applied where the cat have the right to be in direct contact with it.

After every this, the bottom line appears to be that you should always check v your vet to determine the the safest flea control an approach for her pet!