You can't drive your Camry forever there is no replacing the time belt, that pulleys, and also maybe other related parts. It's a big job, but with part tools and mechanical aptitude you deserve to do it yourself.

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Toyota Cars using the 5SFE Motor

The Toyota 5SFE motor is a four-cylinder, 2.2 liter, timing-belt-driven, dual overhead cam (DOHC) engine design. This motor is frequently found in the Camry, Celica, MR2 and also RAV4 native 1990 come 2001. (For a six-cylinder Camry, see my article on MZFE timing belt replacement).








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When to replace the time Belt

Toyota recommends replacing the time belt for the 5SFE engine at one of two people 60,000 or 90,000 miles based upon the year of auto manufacture. Perhaps the arrival of highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN) time belts elevated the organization interval. They likewise recommend instead of the belt every 6 to 7 years, also if friend haven’t reached the purpose of use threshold.

Oil leaks indigenous the vicinity of the passenger-side front wheel may show a should replace the time belt and seals.

The 5SFE is a "non-interference" engine, an interpretation that if the belt breaks while the automobile is running, the valves and pistons space unlikely to it is in damaged. Thus you deserve to use these instructions to replace a broken timing belt, as well as one that is just due to be replaced. Placing the camshaft sprocket and also the crankshaft wheel at Top-Dead-Center (TDC) alignment is all the is needed for damaged belt replacement.

What come Replace together with the time Belt

The 2 idler pulleys (the belt tensioner and also belt guide) need to be changed with every belt change. If the bearings in any type of of the pulleys to be to shed their lubricating properties, the pulley might wobble, i beg your pardon puts stress, overload on the timing belt, or it might seize up, i m sorry would cause the belt come fail. Worn bearings may be confirmed by a grind noise throughout engine warm-up, a noise that progressively disappears together the warm of the engine distributes the staying grease inside the bearings. This noise is a warning the you have to replace her belt and bearings as shortly as friend can.

Although plenty of dealerships and also private service stations recommend replacing the water pump along with the time belt, the Aisin brand water pumps supplied in Toyotas room actually really durable. If girlfriend have changed the coolant at the manufacturer's recommended intervals--especially if you use Toyota’s own red coolant, and also not the generic environment-friendly coolant part shops use—and you have not been utilizing hard, high-mineral-content water, the pump seals and bearings must last end 150,000 miles, based upon my an individual experience with many 5SFE belt replacement jobs.

To identify whether the pump is worn or leaking, hear for a chirping noise from the pump when the engine is running. Also, during this job, after the timing belt cover and also timing belt have been removed, watch for any kind of leakage indigenous the weep hole, or any kind of drag ~ above the pulley once you rotate it by hand.

On 5SFE engines through over 100,000 miles, there is a an excellent possibility the the seals top top the camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump will be worn. These seals are inexpensive, despite time-consuming come replace. If the leakage is really bad, oil will gain on your timing belt and also cause it to fail prematurely.

Also, as soon as doing a time belt replacement, inspect the next engine regulate rod (the “dog bone mount” or talk rod) together with the former engine mount. These mounts are an alleged to dampen the back-and-forth movement of the engine. Too much flexing might stress the exhaust system's flex pipe and also cause it come crack.

Inspecting the side regulate rod throughout timing belt replacement will let you recognize if it requirements to it is in replaced; in my experience, it really often does. The rubber vibration dampener inside the front mount has a propensity to dry rot and crack v age. A basic test is to "blip" the engine (turn that on because that an instant), with the infection in gear, while maintaining your foot top top the brake. If the engine lifts up and settles earlier down, a brand-new front mount might be in order. Replacement is simple and straightforward.

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Time Required

Expect to spend approximately three hours replacing the timing belt, guide pulley, and tensioner sheave alone. Instead of the water pump adds around a fifty percent hour, and also replacing sprocket seals adds about a fifty percent hour every seal.

Tools necessary for time Belt Replacement

Impact driver1/2-Inch breaker bar (if no impact driver available)1/2 & 3/8 socket wrenches, crate wrenches and also socketsWrench extensionsScrewdriver setNeedle-nose pliersHydraulic or scissor jackJack standsPlastic alligator clips (recommended)Belt stress and anxiety gauge (recommended)

Most Japanese cars usage the following metric sizes: