The following article gives comprehensive instructions top top testing and diagnosing the fuel pump in a BMW E46 325i, 325xi or 325ci car (Siemens DME 42.0 and 43.0). Also though we have used a 2003 325ci to execute this repair, this write-up can be used to any 2000-2005 E46 325i collection vehicle v minor modifications.

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One of the an ext common causes of a BMW E46 3 collection not starting, having difficulty starting, or running poorly is a faulty fuel pump. Unfortunately, a difficulty with the electrical supply to the pump can frequently be misdiagnosed as an concern with the pump itself. That is an important that a BMW E46 fuel pump test is performed to identify the exact reason of the pump"s failure before purchasing unneeded parts.
The BMW E46 fuel pump check procedure is an extremely straightforward; it requires testing the fuel pump"s electrical supply to make certain it is receiving power, and if that is, verifying the is developing the appropriate fuel pressure. If the pump is receiving power however is not running, or is running however not developing enough fuel pressure, climate the pump is faulty and needs to be replaced. If the pump is not receiving power, climate there is most most likely a trouble with either its fuse(s) or relay.
The adhering to is a basic electrical chart showing just how power is provided to the fuel pump. That is important to note that the fuel pump relay is "triggered" through the vehicle"s DME (engine manage unit); as soon as the key in the car"s ignition is turn to begin the vehicle, the DME provides a ground come the relay, allowing power native the battery to circulation to the fuel pump.
Testing the pump needs two steps; the very first is making certain the pump is receiving power and also if the is, verifying that is producing the exactly fuel pressure. Testing the BMW E46 fuel pump"s power supply merely requires hooking a digital multimeter or 12V test light to the fuel pump"s electrical plug, transforming the ignition crucial to the second ("start") position, climate checking the voltage. Experimentation the fuel push requires attaching a gauge come the fuel rail and also attempting to start the car. The good news is BMW designed the E46"s fuel pump and fuel rail to be easily easily accessible - it only takes a few minutes to accessibility either one of them.
If you identify power is not being supplied to the pump, climate you will have actually to inspect the fuse and the relay to discover the culprit. Usually, one (or both) has actually failed and will must be replaced. Although technically possible, it is really unlikely that the ground native the DME is leading to the issue due to the fact that a DME failure would certainly shut the entire car down...not simply the pump.
Checking the fuel pump fuse is is situated in the glove box. Checking the fuel pump relay is unfortunately a little more time-consuming. The fuel pump relay is situated in the control module rack, behind the glove box. The gloves box will have to be removed and the manage module rack lower from the dashboard to gain proper accessibility to the relay...there just isn"t any shortcut method to law this. When the relay is removed, you deserve to use a 12V check light or multimeter to verify that it is receiving power. Finally, girlfriend will should "jump" the relay with a item of cable to check the relay is bad.
All that this might sound complex, but it is actually an extremely straightforward. We give you in-depth step-by-step instructions listed below on just how to execute the BMW E46 fuel pump check outlined above. If you identify that your fuel pump has failed ~ this test, please check out our short article BMW E46 Fuel Pump instead of for detailed instructions on performing the repair.

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