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Have had actually my accord because that 16 years. Have needed repairs an extremely seldom and also as a bonus, the gets great fuel mileage. Solid car even in heavy wind. The car did Hydroplane and ran turn off the freeway down an embankment, spun twice, never ever flipped and also I journey away v very small damage. If ns had been in a cheaper make care, the would have flipped over. Would recommend to anyone.
This auto has nothing wrong through it after 16 years. The has almost 86000 miles. Save the oil clean, park in garage as soon as not in use, and drive the gently.These dare were developed to last because that 300,000 or an ext miles if properly maintained and also used. Repairs and regular maintenance expenses have been reasonable.
I’m blessed to journey my automobile with no difficulties that would damage my engine. I additionally find it useful the associates told me whatever that was necessary to it is in fixed. Anyone was very accommodating. I was asked if I want water, food, or entertainment.
Good car to get approximately in and also dependable. Cloth interior, ns love that because I dislike leather seats they room sticky and burn a little bit in the summer however the fabric is an excellent year around. All dependable cars are expensive and also that will always be a con for me personally. The trunk has a hole on the inside of the so the every time it rain I need to remember not to open up the trunk all the means of the water the drains the end will drainpipe in my trunk.
My boy recommended the Honda car to me. Solitary mom, top top budget, trusted transportation. I’m so happy I followed his advice. In 15 years, ns truly have had no major/expensive concerns with this vehicle. Highly recommend !!!!

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This is the first new auto I have ever before owned for 15 years. It"s fun to drive and also as a V6 has good performance also today. Just had actually it tuned up 1st time in ~ 106,000 miles and also it"s do a noticeable difference in acceleration, as confirmed by a current road trip to the White Mountains; hairpin turns and also sharp curves, exhilarating! No brand-new technology and also for me and also that"s good, I want to drive the car. We make sure that everything always works and also with the current price of a V6 Honda (which gives me agita) I expect to save this rust totally free car for plenty of years come come. Car designs space not what they provided to be! They every look alike, and how around colors, examine it out; white, silver, black.. Period. Take it a look as soon as you"re in ~ a protect against light.,,, and No rust here, the auto does not execute snow! This is a keeper!!