Ford is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world. This American automobilecompany was established in 1903. Because that over 117 years, they are giving high-performance vehicles come customers.

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Ford vehicles variety from family cars come SUVs to station wagons. The agency is alsoinvolved in making deluxe cars under the brand surname Lincoln. Yet in this post, us aretalking about Ford fusion I i m sorry is also known together Ford combination Americas.Ford combination I is the first-generation selection of sedans marketed through the company. It wasfirst manufactured in 2006.

Ford blend I: second Generation

Ford fusion I is a four-door, five-passenger mid-size sedan. Indigenous 2006 to 2012, thecompany produced the first-generation Fusion. Currently, that is in the second-generation stage.Fusion ns was built on Ford’s CD3 communication which was designed by Mazda. It was the firstcar to feature the “new confront of Ford” three-bar grille. The automobile was obtainable in SE, S, andSEL trims.

The automobile was equipped with a basic engine that 160 hp. It to be paired with a 5-speedmanual transmission. SEL and SE models were available with 221 hp v a 6-speedautomatic.The blend has some of its parts common with Mk III Ford Mondeo, such as the seatsand the console. However, Fusion’s style was largely affected by Mazda.The company made several alters in the later years. They wanted to do the carbetter and more comfortable. In 2007, all-wheel-drive was accessible on V6 models. Theyincluded Sirius Satellite Radio together an choice in the SEL and also SE trims. Together with that theyalso presented the front passenger fold-flat seat.In 2008, they consisted of tire and also ABS push monitoring. These to be the standardfeatures consisted of in Ford Fusion.

Ford blend II is among the best and most well-known ranges the sedans made by thecompany.

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Passenger compartment fuse panel


The fuse dashboard is situated below and to the left the the steering wheel bythe brake pedal. Eliminate the panel cover to accessibility the fuses.To eliminate a fuse use the fuse puller tool noted on the fuse panelcover.

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Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
110ABackup lamps (automatic transmission), Electrochromatic mirror
315ABattery saver: interior lamps, pond lamps, stems lamp, strength windows
415AParklamps, side markers, license plate lamps
5Not used
6Not used
7Not used
830ARear window defroster
910AHeated mirrors
1030AStarter coil, PCM
1115AHigh beams
127.5ADelay accessories: Radio head units, Moon roof, Lock move illumination, Electrochromatic mirrors, ambient lighting
137.5ACluster, Analog clock, Climate control head units
1415AWasher pump
1520ACigar lighter
1615ADoor lock actuator, Decklid lock solenoid
1820ARadio head units, OBDII connector
197.5ANot used (Spare)
207.5APower mirrors, Satellite radio module, every wheel drive
217.5AStop lamps, CHMSL
237.5AWiper relay coil, cluster logic
247.5AOCS (Passenger’s seat), PAD indicator
267.5APATS Transceiver, Brake change interlock solenoid, Brake pedal switch, Automatic infection relay coil, reverse switch (back-up lamps for hand-operated transmission)
277.5ACluster, Climate regulate head units
2810AABS/Traction Control, boil seats, Compass, reverse sensing system
C/B30ACircuit Breaker Moon roof power, delayed accessory (SJB fuse 12, strength window)


The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. Thepower distribution box consists of high-current fuses that safeguard yourvehicle’s main electrical systems native overloads.

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
160A***SJB strength feed (fuses 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, C/B)
260A***SJB strength feed (fuses 1, 2, 4, 10,11)
340A**Powertrain power, PCM relay coil
440A**Blower motor
5Not used
640A**Rear window defroster, Heatedmirrors
740A**PETA Pump (PZEV) power feed
840A**ABS pump
1030A**ABS Valves
1120A**Heated seats
12Not used
1415A*Ignition switch
15Not used
1710A*Alternator sense
18Not used
1940A**Logic feed to SJB (solid state devices)
20Not used
21Not used
2220A**Console strength point
2310A*PCM KAM, FNR5 and canister vent solenoid
2415A*Fog lamps
2510A*A/C Compressor clutch
26Not used
27Not used
2860A***Engine cooling fan
29Not used
3030A**Fuel pump/injectors relay
31Not used
3230A**Driver power seat
3320A**Moon roof
34Not used
35Not used
361A*PCM diode
371A*One Touch integrated Start (OTIS) diode
38Not used
39Not used
40Not used
41RelayFog lamp relay
42RelayWiper park relay
43RelayA/C clutch relay
44RelayFNR5 infection relay
455A*PETA Pump (PZEV) feedback
4715A*PCM class B
4815A*Coil top top plug
4915A*PCM course C
50Not used
51Not used
52Full ISO RelayBlower relay
53Not used
54Full ISO RelayFuel pump/injectors relay
55Full ISO RelayWiper operation relay
56Not used
57Full ISO RelayPCM relay
58High present RelayPETA Pump (PZEV)

*Mini fuses **A1 fuses ***A3 fuses