What do the various lights in your gauge cluster mean?

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Honda dashboard warning lights and what they mean

One the the finest parts around buying a new car, is the sense of security in understanding that you have actually a clean slate. Yes no unknown driving background or missed company records. Anything that could go wrong will certainly either be a defect the is spanned under warranty, or something that would certainly be avoided by keeping up with maintenance. The a great feeling. Still, sometimes you’ll check out dashboard warning lights the you don’t recognize in her Honda. Few of them room indicating higher danger than others, so right here at heritage Honda, we’re here to aid you identify what lock mean.

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Green means go, red means stop

When you look at her dashboard, the shade of the indicator lights is just as essential as the color of web traffic signals. The is come say, they follow the same famous pattern. If you see something green, it’s normally an on or turn off indicator light, such together your cruise control. The indicator is simply there to remind you that a mechanism is ~ above so the if you have to be turning it off, you’ll remember. Think that a time once you have actually left her indicator on as well long, however then the flashing eco-friendly light reminded you.

When you relocate up come yellow indicator lights, you’re adhering to the exact same pattern together a yellow light. Lot like you need to slow down because you recognize the irradiate will revolve red, you have to heed yellow dashboard warnings due to the fact that they stand for an concern that can be attention soon. These lights generally mean a system, or security of the system, has actually malfunctioned. Technically speaking, low fuel or short tire push are warnings that might lead to something much worse if left unchecked, yet they don’t indicate an problem that would make your vehicle inoperable.




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Then there space your red lights. We think of these together your “Stop” lights since they often tend to indicate a much more serious condition. Not every one of them average a system malfunction, as you’ll check out that the seat belt reminder is red, lot as the indicator that lets you understand when her doors are open. Others, prefer the high-temperature warning, have the right to mean your vehicle will likely have actually a catastrophic failure if you proceed driving.

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Is there a light in your dash that you don’t recognize? avoid by legacy Honda because that a quick business diagnosis. Until then, be sure to check earlier here at our dealership blog for more tips and tricks.