After the TREAD Act to be mandated in 2007, every vehicles produced in the united States beginning in 2008, should be set up with direct or indirect TPMS systems. 

The Toyota Highlander is mounted with a straight TPMS system, which means there room TPMS sensors in the wheel. Direct TPMS has actually TPMS sensors installed in the wheel; if one or more tires indicate low tires pressure, the TPMS sensors will transport the details to the vehicle’s ECU. One indicator light (low-line TPMS system) or every tire pressure will display on the dash (high-line TPMS system). 

A TPMS relearn is encourage after a sensor instead of or tire rotation. Once services room performed, such as a tire readjust or TPMS sensor replacement, in one or much more tires that a Toyota Highlander, a TPMS relearn must be perform to transfer the sensor information to the vehicle’s ECU.

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Type of TPMS system:

Direct TPMS, sensors are installed in the wheel

Sensor Frequency:


Type of TPMS tool required for TPMS reset:

OBD relearn:

OBDII module is requiredHold TPMS device on left front tires sidewall next to the valve stemRepeat because that the appropriate front, right rear and also left tires tires (and preventive if required)Apply OBDII module come DLCTurn ignition ONPress yes on TPMS device to deliver the TPMS sensor data to the vehicle’s ECUDisconnect OBD module from the DLCTurn ignition off then ONDrive because that at least 5 minutes at 12 mph or more

Troubleshooting tips

TPMS reset button, closeup of the door loop

Some Toyota models have actually a “SET” or “TPMS RESET” button, i m sorry is located below the steering wheel or under the glovebox. When the switch is pressed, the device tries to locate the sensor ID’s that are already stored. The “SET button” deserve to be provided when performing a tire rotation the has various tire pressures in the front and rear, changing or adjusting the tires pressure, or transforming tire size, or as soon as tires room replaced.


If the “SET” button is thrust after new sensor IDs room introduced and also before a relearn is performed, the ECU must be unlocked in order for the relearn procedure to work-related correctly. Some progressed TPMS scan tools have actually the capability to unlock the ECU. If your TPMS scan tool has actually the “UNLOCK ECU” option, the relearn procedure can be effectively performed.

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The image says Toyota Tundra, however, the ECU unlock attribute is easily accessible for the Highlander

TPMS DTC password information

Use the VT56 come retrieve Toyota TPMS DTC codes by selecting the “Service” icon. After selecting the Make, Model, and Year, select the DTC code icon. Usage the OBDII module to retrieve the Toyota DTC TPMS info to diagnose and also service the TPMS problems determined.