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I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey with 135,000 miles that us love and also want to store it well maintained. I desire to replace the timing belt and I am wondering around a timing component kit which has the water pump that ns heard referenced a couple of times. Where have the right to I buy this kit? What components really need to be replaced? likewise is that really necessary to change the spring tensioner? What components really have to be replaced?

2010 Odyssey EX RES Canadian. Philips HIR2 short beam bulbs, Pilot former brakes Z23 Evolution, KYB struts and shocks, MOOG cargo coils, B&A regulate arms, Magnefine ATF filter, Timbren HROD2 kit, Hayden 697 ATF cooler.
That is the tensioner only. The kit most below recommend is here It contains the time belt, tensioner, water pump, etc. You will need about 2 gallons of Honda coolant (blue) and also you should additionally replace the spark plugs if that has actually not however been done. Electronic came seals must be inspected if you space in there and also replace if leaking. Part dealers won"t quote every the components saying if the water pump or tensioner isn"t leaking that shouldn"t it is in replaced, however the extra job for these items is minimal and going ago in if lock fail before 100K miles once the next timing belt is due outcomes in so lot labor you might too do a full timing belt organization again, so just do it once and be great to go.
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Definitely get the Aisin kit from rock Auto (NOT Amazon) as mentioned above. It should be about $200.As mentioned, this is a great time to change the Honda coolant. I would also replace the thermostat (get a actual Honda thermostat) and also the accessory (serpentine) belt.Good luck.

Get the Aisin kit. The hydraulic tensioner is contained in the kit and also is the same part as the genuine Honda part. Ns think the comment over was introduce to no "spring" tensioner but rather a hydraulic tensioner that can wear out, leak, and cause the belt come loosen and also be damaged. Replace everything under the time cover, consisting of tensioner, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, and also water pump.
Another poll for the Aisin kit. Likewise - you"ll require a crank wheel socket/tool - you have the right to rent castle from most parts shop (Autozone, Oreilly, etc.) - commonly for totally free if girlfriend return the device in your time window (at the very least it was complimentary for both Autozone and also Oreilly - they fee you for the tool once you take it, then you are refunded once you lug it ago intact) - if you space using an impact to remove the crank bolt, over there is a heavy walled socket i beg your pardon is supposed to help, as well.

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I to buy the Aisin kit because that my 05. Honda buddy proved it was identical to the honda oem without the honda rubber stamp on it.If you room paying someone to perform it, might also do spark plugs and also serpentine belt as well. Simply make sure you get good quality iridium plugs. Denso or NGK.

Yea, stick through rockauto. Ns made this acquisition 2 years earlier with timing belt kit, water pump, plugs and serpentine belt for just over $200. I think Amazon to be going to be a little much more tbh
Suggest you get a brand-new thermostat too. Walk with real Honda (it comes with a gasket). Aftermarket thermostats periodically do not include the gasket.

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I think the worry with the tensioner, from suffer with a passport time belt job, is the your tensioner can be an excellent for 50k or much more miles.... But putting it in a vise and inserting the pen for reinstall stress it also much and kills it. I did mine passport and also the tensioner to be fine.... Once I put it ago together it appeared fine.... 10 miles and a day later i acquire this loud slappy noise. Had to do it almost everywhere again. Waited around 2k mile tho. (Non interference, no worries)About the TKH 002 kit... Mine came through a mitsuboshi belt do in thailand. Did the bother any type of of you? i think oem is japanese? and there is talk in comments and also reviews top top youtube and also amazon about these aisin pumps being reduced grade 보다 factory. A youtube video clip showed one the went 1k miles and the impeller flew off. Https:// insurance claim aisin aftermarket is lesser quality. Im thinking some jb weld on that impeller would be part insurance versus that sort of failure....just a tiny amount... Think lock make some thats waterproof.