can you shoot .38 distinct ammo the end of a .357 magnum? simply heard that on one of the questions and also had never ever heard that it.

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can you shooting .38 special ammo out of a .357 magnum? just heard the on among the questions and also had never ever heard of it.

Can friend shoot .38 special ammo out of a .357 magnum? simply heard that on among the questions and also had never heard that it.




The cartridge nomenclature system is nice darn confusing, I need to admit..380, .38, .357, 9mm. All just around the same diameter. Senseless, eh?.480 Ruger and also .475 Linebaugh, .458 Win and also Lott, .38 Special and Magnum, .44 Russian, Special, and also Magnum, .45 Colt, .454 Casull and also .460 S&W, some more too.Now why don"t they job-related .44 Mag and .444 Marlin together? ns don"t see why it wouldn"t currently work, at least in a single shot or a revolver?
Yes & ns reload them both through the same dies.Takes some adjusting yet it saves on buying another set. What around "The Judge" 410 & 45 lengthy colt.
.44 Mag and .444 Marlin together?You yes, really think for this reason dar Pilgrim, didn"t think that one through. Basic 444 is .469Base 44 mag is .457Difference .012Enough push leakage to reason seriously reason eye, face and also neck damage!
You can shoot .38"s in a .357 magnum but be sure to clean your chambers fine after you do because of the discharge ring the much shorter case will certainly leave behind, ditto .44 special and also .44 magnum.
Yes but if you room using command bullets friend may find some lead construct up close to the end of the chambers. This will make it hard to insert .357 mag cartridges. No problem, simply a good scrubbing v a brass brush will acquire it out of there. Shooting full magnum charges really isn"t a totality lot fun after awhile. Besides, .38 distinct is cheaper.

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