I am doing some maintenance ~ above a ~25 year old garden tiller v what I think to be a 5.0 HP Briggs & Stratton motor. I have no manuals because that this thing. Cars ns have operated on have had spark plug gaps from .026" come .090". Out of the box, the replacement spark plugs because that this motor have had gaps from around .030" to .050". What gap should ns be utilizing for the spark plug?

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If you acquire the serial number turn off the engine the Briggs and also Stratton website has the info you need, consisting of where to find the serial number on enlarge motors. ~ 25 year the odds are pretty an excellent that the plug isn"t also the exactly one for her motor. I seem to remember it being .030 for some and .040 because that others. Perhaps the difference was a Tecumseh/Briggs thing. Researching the serial number is the method to walk though.


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