Animals anywhere the world have incredible skills and properties that help keep castle alive and also useful because that their corresponding ecosystems.

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It may be difficult to recognize every single animal that resides on this planet because every species has however to it is in discovered.

However, the types that we do know around are interesting and also intriguing sufficient to keep our attention till the next pet is discovered.

75 pets That begin With V


Animal lover who want to learn around a most different species of pets may want to try taking ~ above a team of animals alphabetically to help give you an array of talented creatures to learn around and learn from.

For years, biologists have studied the method different animals exist and have bring away the details that castle learned from these pets to advance an innovation for mankind.

1. Vipers


Vipers have the right to be found all end the world, excluding Antarctica, Australia, new Zealand, Madagascar, Hawaii, part island clusters, and anywhere phibìc of the Arctic Circle.

Every single species of viper is venomous, through the most venomous types living in tropical places like south America and Africa.

The vipers found in cooler climates tend to have less potent venom.

2. Vampire Finch


The vampire finch is a little bird that was an initial spotted in 1964.

As the surname suggests, vampire finches drink the blood of other birds.

Scientists believe that the vampire finches gained a taste because that blood while picking helminth out of open wounds.

While they will typically eat bugs, lock have troubles drinking the blood red-footed boobies that share the Galápagos Islands through them.

3. Velvet Bellied Lanternshark


Velvet Bellied Lanternsharks are typical deep sea sharks the hunt follow me the bottom of the northeastern Atlantic Ocean.

However, they have the right to be discovered as much away together Norway or even South Africa.

These small sharks space bioluminescent, definition that they have a natural glow to their body.

Young lanternsharks eat krill and small fish, but adults will go after squid and also shrimp.

4. Visayan Spotted Deer


Visayan spotted deer room only found on the Visayan Islands, which are in the main Philippines.

Due to your tiny habitats, they are the rarest breed of deer in the world.

Although the deer used to inhabit the majority of the Visayan Islands, they currently only occupy 2 of the islands.

They lost their habitats ~ above the various other islands to logging and also civil expansion.

5. Vole


Voles space small, mouse-like rodents that deserve to be uncovered all end the north Hemisphere, including North America, Asia, and Europe.

They spend many of your days secret in the burrows the they create.

Voles prefer to eat the vegetation the grows in their burrows, however they are additionally known because that eating grass and also other plants.

6. Vietnamese Mossy Frog


The Vietnamese mossy frog is covered in bumps that provide the frog the perfect mossy camouflage.

When frightened, they will certainly curl up into a ball and play dead.

Thanks to your camouflage, lock are almost impossible come spot, also for a human.

These frogs will cling come mossy surface to mix in through the moss in bespeak to avoid predators choose snakes and tree-dwelling mammals.

7. Vanjaram


The Vanjaram, additionally known together the Indo-Pacific king mackerel, is a fish known to thrive up to 100 pounds and also jump out of the water as soon as trying to be caught by fishermen.

Due to them being considered a delicacy, they deserve to be quite expensive come purchase.

To grow as huge as lock do, Vanjaram will certainly eat smaller fish, crustaceans, and even squid.

8. Virgin archipelago Coqui


The Virgin islands Coqui is a small red frog through large golden eyes that may be in trouble.

There have been petitions to include them to the list of endangered varieties due to the dropping rates in their populations.

Environmentalists think that ns of habitat because of deforestation and also a certain type of fungi are to blame because that the Virgin islands coqui’s decreased population.

9. Vizsla


The vizsla is a Hungarian each other of sporting dog the has become increasingly famous in the United states over the past couple of years.

These sleek, energetic dogs are well-known for being incredibly loyal to their owners and have incredibly expressive encounters to display their perceptible emotions.

Vizslas are exceptionally smart dogs the need consistent activity in order to command happy, healthy and balanced lives.

10. Val’s Gundi


Val’s gundi is a varieties of rodent that can be discovered in Algeria, Libya, and also Morocco.

They like tropical dry shrubland, subtropical, or rocky environments.

Val’s gundi has actually an extremely comparable build come guinea pigs, other than that it has larger and also rounder ears.

These rodents like to live alone and will only come together in order to mate.

11. Vermillion Snapper


Vermillion snappers are enormous fish that slowly grow to be 2 feet and also can sweet over 7 pounds.

To acquire to this size, that takes a vermillion snapper about 15 years.

They eat shrimp, fish, worms, crabs, squid, and also even plankton.

They space most frequently found in the Atlantic Ocean, however can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

12. Velvety Free-Tailed Bat


The velvety free-tailed bat is a small, dark bat that have the right to be found in Cuba and also the Florida Keys.

Its name comes from the fact that that tail extends well past the wings and also short-tail membranes.

They have actually a wingspan of 10 to 11 inches, through bodies that space 2.3 inches to 2.6 customs in length.

13. Velvet Asity


The velvet asity is a tropical bird that can be discovered in the rainforest understory that Madascargar.

Breeding males room nearly totally black, with eco-friendly plumage close to the eyes.

Nonbreeding males will have that eco-friendly plumage spreading roughly their bodies.

Females room an olive color with stripes of black color on your chests.

14. Vlaamperd


Vlaamperds are an extremely rare each other of equine that was an initial bred in the west Cape area of south Africa.

The initial breeders had actually to each other a Friesan, Hackney, Thoroughbred, and also a regional Cape harness horse in bespeak to create this new breed.

The Vlaamperd breed has actually been about since the 19th century and also ended up instead of the Hantham breed, which went extinct quickly after.

15. Vinogradov’s Jerboa


Vinogradov’s jerboa is a tiny rodent with a lengthy tail the inhabits Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and also Uzbekistan.

Their body resemble a mouse, however they have actually long tails and also rabbit-like ears.

Their lengthy legs enable them to jump like a kangaroo, through some jumping as high as 6 feet.

16. Vanikoro flying Fox


The Vanikoro paris fox is a form of bat that have the right to only be discovered on Vanikoro Island, i m sorry is a part of the southerly Solomon Islands.

During the early 1990s, researchers had believed that the paris fox had actually gone extinct, yet a find in 2014 found hundreds of Vanikoro flying foxes living top top the island.

17. Velvet Catfish


Velvet Catfish, likewise known together diplomystidae, deserve to be uncovered in rivers at sea levels of as much as 6,233.6 feet.

At maximum, this catfish are qualified of cultivation up come 13 inches.

They space carnivorous fish that will certainly eat mollusks, arthropods, and also annelids.

18. Valdosaurus


The valdosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur that roamed primitive England, Romania, Niger, the joined Kingdom.

They lived throughout the early Cretaceous period, which was 142 million to 121 million year ago.

Their thigh skeletal were first found in 1848 and were originally thought to be Iguanodon bones.

19. Victoria Collared Lemming


The Victoria collared lemming, also known as the Bering collared lemming, is a small rodent that lives in cold climates, such as Alaska, St. Lawrence Island, Wrangel Island in Siberia, Greenland, and also even the arctic archipelago of Canada.

They’re beloved for your short, stumpy bodies and also fur that transforms with the season.

In the summer, your coat is lighter and also it gets darker in the winter.

20. Vaquita


Vaquitas room the smallest members of the cetacean family, which consists of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

They are additionally the most endangered species of cetacean and are considered to be on the cusp that extinction.

These rare creatures have the right to be uncovered in the Gulf the California, yet their populace is dropping in ~ an great rate.

21. Verreaux’s Sifaka


Verreaux’s sifaka room lemurs that hail from just Madagascar, where they hide in the trees of forests and rainforests.

Whenever there space no tree to climb, Verreaux’s sifaka will leap throughout the ground through long, party strides.

Classified together Critically threatened in 2018, their populations have been threatened by deforestation and being hunted for sport or the illegal pet trade.

22. Volcano Rabbit


The volcano hare is the smallest breed of hare to exist, weighing only one pound and being 12 inches in length.

They live ~ above the volcanic slopes of the four volcanoes in central Mexico.

These rabbits require zacaton bunchgrass to eat and hide native predators.

Due to human being attempting come hunt volcano rabbits, they as well have come to be endangered.

23. Vanga


The vanga is a glowing blue bird that is aboriginal to Madagascar.

They are recognized for their striking blue feathers and eyes that are outlined v black plumage.

Males have tendency to be more brightly colored, when females space a lot duller shade of blue.

These social birds are practically always found in pairs.

24. Visayan Warty Pig


The Visayan warty pig is just one of the most endangered species of wild pigs and also only live in about 5% that the habitat that they used to.

They are finest known because that the thick hair that offers them the appearance of having actually a mohawk or even a pompadour.

Males with bigger mohawks attract much more females.

25. Vampire paris Frog


Vampire paris frogs are simply as haunting as their names make them out to be.

Their name originates from the reality that their tadpoles have actually fangs and also the frog’s capacity to leap indigenous tree to tree.

Despite the scary name, these frogs are quite small, ranging from only four to six centimeters.

These frogs have the right to be found in the Langbian Plateau in southerly Vietnam.

26. Viscacha


Viscacha are large, chinchilla-like rodents the live close to Machu Picchu.

They live in rocky dens and love to munch ~ above the regional vegetation that grows in the area.

To protect against predators, viscacha typically don’t come out of their dens till night, despite some may be spotted at dusk to get some extra enjoy the meal time in.

27. Vorderman’s paris Squirrel


Vorderman’s flying squirrel was very first discovered by Adolphe Vorderman and was very first described by Fredericus Anna Jentink in 1980.

This paris squirrel was first spotted in Sumatra when Vorderman to be on expedition.

However, that can additionally be found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

28. Velvet Mite


Velvet mites space large, red mites the are fully harmless to humans.

They space most commonly found in the soil about Las Vegas, yet they deserve to be uncovered in areas like south Africa.

Thanks to their bad flavor, most predators will neglect velvet mites.

Due to your eating habits, they are offered as organic control agents for some pest species.

29. Violet Sea Snail


The violet sea snail has a translucent body and also a glowing violet shell.

They room most commonly found in Queensland, brand-new South Wales, Victoria, eastern Tasmania, together with western and southern Australia.

These sea creatures are fully blind and also spend their whole lives drifting in the ocean, recording food along the way.

30. Velvet Ant


Velvet ants, i beg your pardon are likewise known together cow killer ants, aren’t in reality ants in ~ all.

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They’re considered to have actually one that the many painful stings that pest can produce.