Phylum Annelida is a an extremely broad phylum belonging come the kingdom Animalia. The Annelids are discovered in aquatic and terrestrial environments. These space bilaterally symmetrical invertebrate organisms. Their segmented body distinguishes lock from any kind of other organism.

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Phylum Annelida

Characteristics the Annelida

The characteristics of the organisms present in the Phylum Annelida room as follows:

The Annelids are coelomate and triploblastic.

They exhibit organ system level organization.

Their body is segmented.

They respire with their human body surface.

Nephridia room the excretory organs.

They have actually a well-developed circulatory and also digestive system.

Their body contains haemoglobin, which provides them a red colour.

Regeneration is a an extremely common properties of the Annelids.

Setae help them in movement.

Most of the Annelids space hermaphrodite, i.e., male and female guts are current in the same body. Castle reproduce both sexually and also asexually. The others reproduce sexually.

Eg., Earthworms, and also leeches

Classification the Annelida

Following room the different category of Annelida:






The body is elongated and also divided right into segments.

They are discovered in the maritime environment.

These space true coelomates, bilaterally symmetry worms.

They excrete with metanephridia and also protonephridia.

Fertilization is external.

They have a well-developed worried system.

The circulatory mechanism is closeup of the door type.

They are hermaphrodites.

They could possess fin-like appendages dubbed parapodia.

The biology belonging come this team lack clitellum and also are dioecious.

Eg., Nereis, Syllis


They are mainly freshwater and terrestrial organisms.

The human body is segmented metamerically.

Head, eyes and also tentacles space not distinct.

They space hermaphrodites, but cross-fertilization takes place.

Fertilization is external.

Cocoon development occurs.

Setae room segmented.

They carry out not own parapodia however clitellum is present.

The biology belonging come this class are monoecious.

They exhibit no cost-free larval stage and also the advance takes location inside the cocoons.

Eg., Pheretima, Tubifex


Most frequently found in freshwater. Some space marine, terrestrial, and parasitic.

The body is segmented.

The tentacles, parapodia, and also setae room not present.

The pets are monoecious.

The body is dorsoventrally or cylindrically flattened.

They have actually an anterior and also posterior sucker ~ above the ventral side.

The organisms lay eggs in cocoons.

There is no larval stage during the advance of the organism.

The mouth is located ventrally in the anterior sucker, if the anus is present dorsally in the posterior sucker.

Fertilization is internal.

They space hermaphrodites.

Eg., Hirudinaria


They are discovered only in the maritime environment.

The human body is elongated there is no setae and also parapodia.

They are unisexual or hermaphrodite.

Tentacles are existing on the prostomium.

Eg., Dinophilus, Protodrilus

In conclusion, members the Phylum Annelida have actually bodies that space segmented, such together leeches and also earthworms.

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