In an organization, information flows forward, backwards and sideways. This information circulation is referred to as communication. Communication channels refer to the means this information flows within the organization and with various other organizations.

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In this net known together communication, a manager becomes a link. Decisions and also directions flow upwards or downwards or sideways relying on the position of the manager in the communication web.

For example, reports from reduced level manager will flow upwards. A good manager needs to inspire, steer and organize his employees efficiently, and also for all this, the tools in his possession are talked and created words.

For the flow of information and for a manager to handle his employees, it is vital for an effectual communication channel to be in place.

The functioning of a communication Channel

Through a modem the communication, it is in it face-to-face conversations or an inter-department memo, information is transmitted indigenous a manager come a subordinate or angry versa.

An important facet of the communication procedure is the feedback mechanism between the management and employees.

In this mechanism, employees notify managers that they have taken the task at hand while managers carry out employees with comments and also directions top top employee"s work.

Importance of a interaction Channel

A failure in the communication channel leader to an inefficient circulation of information. Employees are unaware that what the firm expects that them. They are uninformed the what is walk on in the company.

This will cause them to come to be suspicious the motives and also any changes in the company. Likewise without efficient communication, employees end up being department minded quite than agency minded, and also this affects your decision making and productivity in the workplace.

Eventually, this damages the overall organizational goals as well. Hence, in order because that an organization to be run effectively, a great manager should have the ability to communicate come his/her employees what is intended of them, make certain they are completely aware of company policies and also any upcoming changes.

Therefore, an effective communication channel have to be applied by supervisors to optimize worker performance to certain the smooth to run of the organization.

Types of communication Channels

The variety of communication channels easily accessible to a manager has actually increased over the last 20 strange years. Video clip conferencing, mobile technology, electronic bulletin boards and fax machines are few of the brand-new possibilities.

As organizations thrive in size, supervisors cannot depend on face-to-face interaction alone to acquire their post across.

A an obstacle the managers confront today is to determine what kind of interaction channel should they opt because that in order come carryout effective communication.

In bespeak to do a manager"s task easier, the species of communication channels are grouped right into three key groups: formal, informal and unofficial.


Formal interaction Channels

A formal interaction channel transmits information such as the goals, policies and also procedures of one organization. Message in this type of communication channel monitor a chain that command. This means information flows from a manager to his subordinates and also they in turn pass on the info to the following level the staff.

An instance of a formal interaction channel is a company"s newsletter, which offers employees and also the client a clear idea the a company"s goals and vision. It additionally includes the deliver of info with regard to memoranda, reports, directions, and also scheduled meetings in the chain of command.

A business plan, client satisfaction survey, annual reports, employer"s manual, review meetings are all formal communication channels.

Informal communication Channels

Within a formal functioning environment, there constantly exists an informal communication network. The strict hierarchical web of interaction cannot role efficiently ~ above its own and hence there exists a communication channel outside of this web. While this type of interaction channel may disrupt the chain of command, a great manager requirements to discover the good balance between the formal and informal communication channel.

An instance of casual communication channel is lunchtime in ~ the organization"s cafeteria/canteen. Here, in a serene atmosphere, discussions among employees space encouraged. Likewise managers walking around, adopting a hands-on strategy to managing employee queries is an instance of an informal communication channel.

Quality circles, team work, different training program are external of the chain that command and also so, fall under the classification of informal communication channels.

Unofficial interaction Channels

Good supervisors will acknowledge the fact that sometimes interaction that takes location within an organization is interpersonal. While minute of a meeting may be a topic of discussion among employees, sports, politics and TV shows likewise share the floor.

The unofficial interaction channel in an organization is the organization"s "grapevine." it is through the grapevine the rumors circulate. Also those engaging in "grapevine" discussions often type groups, which analyze into friendships exterior of the organization. While the grapevine may have actually positive implications, much more often 보다 not info circulating in the grapevine is exaggerated and also may reason unnecessary alarm come employees. A great manager need to be privy to information circulating in this unofficial communication channel and also should take it positive procedures to protect against the circulation of false information.

An instance of one unofficial communication channel is society gatherings amongst employees.


In any type of organization, three species of communication networks exist: formal, informal and unofficial.

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While the ideal communication web is a formal framework in i m sorry informal interaction can take it place, unofficial communication channels likewise exist in one organization.

Through these assorted channels, it is vital for a manager to gain his/her ideas throughout and then listen, absorb, glean and further interact to employees.