There room 31 fruit that begin with C and here we have actually them because that you so you don"t have to search for them anymore.

Now that we’re done v sharing fruits that start with D, let’s talk fruits that begin with C.

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If you have no proviso what are few of the fruits start with C, concern not; this article is all about it.

Also, if you desire to discover an ext of foods, not just fruits, that start with C, here they are.

That being said, let’s acquire started with understanding fruits that begin with C.

Fruits That start With C:


Following room the fruits beginning with C that you might not recognize of yet.

1 – Calabash Fruit:

Calabash is an edible fruit the the varieties of flower plant that is native to main and southern America.

Its clinical name is Crescentia cujete.

2 – Calamansi Fruit:

Calamansi each other a small, ring lime.

It is usually green to yellow in color.

3 – Calamondins Fruit:

Calamondins is a tiny citrus fruit that is usually provided to flavor drinks and also other foods.

Its clinical name is Citrofortunella Microcarpa.

4 – Canistel Fruit:

Canistel is a heart-shaped edible fruit that is yellow in color.

Mexico is where they are found the most.

5 – Cantaloupe Fruit:

Cantaloupe is an edible fruit the is sweet and also juicy.

They are frequently known as muskmelons.

6 – Cape Gooseberry Fruit:

Cape gooseberry is an additional fruit the starts with C.

It is one edible fruit the the species of the genus Physalis.

7 – Capulin Cherry Fruit:

Capulin cherries space a round fruit that is fancy red.

The meat of the fruit is juicy.

8 – Carob Fruit:

Carob fruit is usually a pod the carries pulp and seeds.

Its scientific name is Ceratonia siliqua.

9 – Cashew to apologize Fruit:

Cashew apologize is an edible tropic fruit whose clinical name is Anacardium occidentale.

It is usually consumed with salt.

10 – Cedar just Cherry Fruit:

Cedar only cherries space edible fruits that space fleshy and also have a taste choose that of grapes.

Its scientific name is Eugenia carissoides.

11 – Cempedak Fruit:

Cempedak is one edible fruit in the family members Moraceae.

The fruit is aboriginal to south east Asia.

12 – Ceylon Gooseberry Fruit:

Ceylon gooseberry is a small, edible fruit the is usually used in the making of jams and jellies.

The fruit is native to Sri Lanka and also India.

13 – Charichuelo Fruit:

Charichuelo is a fruit native the tropical of central and southern America.

The fruit looks choose a lemon with a white pulp inside.

14 – Chayote Fruit:

Chayote is a pear-like fruit that is indigenous to Mesoamerica.

The fruit is light-green to dark-green in color.

15 – Cherimoya Fruit:

Cherimoya is an edible tropical fruit that Andean valley origin.

Its clinical name is Annona cherimola.

16 – Cherry Fruit:

Cherry is a fruit of plenty of plants the the genus Prunus.

They come in red color and are an extremely small.

17 – Chokecherry Fruit:

Chokecherry is a bitter type of cherry that is indigenous to phibìc America.

Its clinical name is Prunus virginiana.

18 – Chokeberry Fruit:

Chokeberry is a fruit v a reasonably thick, pigmented skin.

Its clinical name is Aronia.

19 – Citrofortunella Fruit:

Citrofortunella is a hybrid fruit between Kumquat and other citrus types.

It is compact than various other citrus fruits with an acidic taste.

20 – Clementines Fruit:

Clementines is a hybrid fruit between willowleaf mandarin orange and also a sweet orange.

Its scientific name is Citrus reticulata.

21 – Cloudberry Fruit:

Cloudberry is one edible fruit that originates from the rhizomatous herb.

Its clinical name is Rubus chamaemorus.

22 – swarm Fig Fruit:

Cluster fig is an edible red to environment-friendly fruit in the family members Moraceae.

Its scientific name is Ficus racemosa.

23 – coco Plum Fruit:

Coco plum is an edible fruit found throughout south Florida.

Its clinical name is Chrysobalanus icaco.

24 – usual Apple Berry Fruit:

Common to apologize berry is a fruit the is ripe as soon as fallen ~ above the group.

The taste of which is comparable to kiwifruit.

25 – Conkerberry Fruit:

Conkerberry is a dark-green fruit that transforms to bluish-black fruit after ~ ripening.

It is well-known as anwekety from the Apocynaceae family.

26 – Cornelian Cherry Fruit:

Cornelian cherry is one more fruit that starts through C.

Its clinical name is Cornus mas.

27 – Cranberry Fruit:

Cranberries or cake berries room edible fruit of the genus Vaccinium.

They are consumed raw and used in the make of juice, jellies, and jams.

28 – Crowberry Fruit:

Crowberry space edible berry or fruits that room dark-purplish to black in color.

Their clinical name is Empetrum spp.

29 – Cucumber Fruit:

If you no know, cucumber is a fruit and also not a vegetable.

This is since cucumber likewise has seeds like any kind of other fruit.

30 – Cupuacu Fruit:

Cupuacu is one edible fruit with a thick brown husk and a white pulp inside.

Its scientific name is Theobroma grandiflorum.

31 – Coconut Fruit:

Coconut is an edible fruit the is a member that the palm tree family.

Its scientific name is Cocos nucifera.

This is all there is around fruits the letter C.

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Do girlfriend think we missed something? If so, comments’ section is constantly open for you to send the missing fruits and also we’ll add them.