It doesn’t matter if you staunchly Team new York through its dirty-water dog or Team Chicago with its wieners piled high v toppings: The humble hot dog is a family favorite for an excellent reason. But there’s for this reason much more you deserve to do with a hot dog than just slap the in a bun and slather it v ketchup! If you’ve acquired a pack of franks in the fridge, try getting creative with this week’s lunch or dinner. Toss the bread, seize those small sous chefs, and shot one of these quick, easy hot dog recipes, no bun required.

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The lull of food preparation

Anyone who gobbles up pigs-in-a-blanket from an hors d’oeuvres tray should supersize their appetizer right into a full-sized crescent dog dinner. Wrap a hot dog in a triangle slab that crescent role dough, climate bake until gold brown. Serve with all her favorite condiments — ketchup, mustard, maybe even ranch dressing. 

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This no-bun warm dog cooking recipes in a nutshell: litter all your family’s favorite foodstuffs into a pan and also bake. This casserole combine leftover warm dogs, tater tots, chili, cheese, and also ketchup for simple weeknight dinner that provides you time to put together a salad — or watch an illustration of her favorite present together — while it bakes.

Melissa's Southern format Kitchen

This invited macaroni food combines warm dog pieces with an additional dinner winner — mac-n-cheese — plus some bacon since why not? If you’re tired of boring Kraft dinners in a box, shot this meatier version of cheesy pasta to placed some zing in your dinner lineup. 

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Corn dogs are tasty fair food, yet who wants to bother slathering a hot dog v batter and dealing with hot frying oil? One pressed-for-time chef discovered this corn dog hack: put the hot dog in a corn muffin instead. You acquire the twin win of a meaty surprised in the center of her muffin and a quick and also easy baking project with minimal mess. Add a jalapeno to the mix come spice up your snack.

What an excellent Grandma Ate

Hot dogs might be the American version of German sausages, yet that doesn’t average you can’t go global with them. Got leftover warm dogs and rice in the fridge? Toss them with veggies, soybean beans sauce, and also ginger for an Asian-inspired lunch of hot dog fried rice.

From Asia, head come the islands because that a Polynesian warm dog meal. This warm dog recipe without a bun combines wiener slices v bell peppers, pineapple chunks, some sweet brown sugar, and sour apple cider vinegar and soy sauce to produce a vibrant plate. This is a enjoy the meal to eat outside by tiki torchlight, attach by a Blue Hawaiian or Bora Bora mocktail. 

Hot dogs ... In a salad? sounds crazy, no? yet perhaps hot dogs room the following ranch dressing as soon as it concerns getting wake up veggie eaters to shot salad. Hannah in ~ the Bittersweet blog tosses onions, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and pickles with hot dog pieces to produce a tangy dish the just could make salad converts the end of grownups and kids alike. (Note: This recipe offers meatless dogs, but you can certainly substitute the meat kind, no problem.)

Who says warm dogs aren’t a breakfast food? warm dog hash begs to differ. For this easy warm dog recipe, brown some chopped-up franks, fried food up some potatoes with onions and garlic, and also cook an egg come flop ~ above top. We’d throw some hot sauce ~ above there, but you execute you.

Hot dog pizza-dillas room basically the culinary depiction of the melt pot that is the unified States. Litter Mexican, Italian, and American food concepts into a blender and turn out this wacky-yet-yummy family-friendly meal. The tortilla i do not care the pizza crust, sliced hot dogs the pepperoni, a salsa-ketchup mix the tomato sauce, and the cheese is, well, the cheese. Fried food it up quesadilla style and serve with everything ethnicity of condiment friend prefer.

When you need a hearty meal on a cold day, pull out The Kitchen Whisperer’s cooking recipes for her mom’s beans and weenies tater bake. The ingredients room in the name: hot dogs, white or kidney beans, and also potatoes, simmered v bacon, sweet onion, and Worcestershire sauce for a dish that will certainly stick to your ribs. Don’t be sad if the children don’t ask because that seconds; that likely since they wolfed down the an initial bowl and also now room too complete to move.

Our intensive warm dog recipe research has yielded some key themes — mostly that warm dogs go well through carbs, chili, and cheese. Therefore, the ultimate warm dog dinner can just it is in chili dog pizza. This bunless hot dog recipe has actually it all: a pizza crust, chili, sliced hot dogs, and handfuls the cheese. Include chopped onions and also sweet pickle relish for the full hot dog effect. This one hits all the food groups while delighting every the taste buds. Bon appetit! 

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