Recent instances on the internet The visibly emotionally nonagenarian was shaken through the outline Effect, the endure of see our tiny earth in the paper definition of a huge universe. — Tim Fernholz, Quartz, 14 Oct. 2021 The title subject is Colette Marin Catherine, who, at the moment of filming, was a nonagenarian. — Richard Brody, The brand-new Yorker, 6 Apr. 2021 The nonagenarian is Malaysia’s many experienced statesman and a dangerous foe. — The Economist, 23 might 2020 watching this devoted, tho energetic pair that nonagenarians prepare for their trip, navigate travel, job-related laptops, ensconce in apartments and also hotels, carry out laundry, explore the sights and just normally support each other is a lovely thing to behold. — Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times, 14 Apr. 2020 Normally, a celebration lunch would have been offered to the nonagenarians. — cleveland, 3 might 2020 This month, the nonagenarian celebrates her 98th (!) birthday. — Michelle Profis, Country Living, 17 Jan. 2020 considered Blue area by Dan Buettner, who studies these locales, the populaces in these pockets that the earth have really high percentage of nonagenarians and centenarians—people that live to more than 90 and also 100, respectively. — Cynthia Sass, Mph,, 12 Dec. 2019 aside from relief that he to be pulled unscathed from together a mangled vehicle, over there was widespread shock the the nonagenarian was quiet driving himself – and sometimes there is no security. — Maria Puente, USA TODAY, 6 Dec. 2019

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History and Etymology for nonagenarian

Latin nonagenarius containing ninety, from nonageni ninety each, from nonaginta ninety, native nona- (akin to novem nine) + -ginta (akin to viginti twenty) — more at nine, vigesimal