A segment bisector is a line, a ray, a line segment, or a suggest that cut a line segment in ~ the facility dividing the line into two same parts. The word segment can also be described as line segment that method a segment is a part of the heat that has actually fixed endpoints. The word bisect method cutting any type of object or line right into two same halves. Hence, a segment bisector is described as once two line segments bisect or cut each other at a point dividing the lines right into equal halves. Let us learn much more about segment bisector and solve a couple of examples.

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1.Definition of Segment Bisector
2.Types the Segment Bisector
3.Segment Bisector and Midpoints
4.Segment Bisector and also Perpendicular Bisector
5.FAQs on Segment Bisector

Definition of Segment Bisector

Segment bisector is a line, ray, or segment that cuts one more line segment in ~ the center dividing the line into two equal halves. The line constantly bisects or passes through the midpoint that the line segment splitting it right into two equal parts. The midpoint have the right to have one or infinite segments bisecting the line and also not necessarily be just a perpendicular bisector. Let us look in ~ the image given below.


Line abdominal muscle is divided into two equal halves i.e. AM and also MB by the segment bisector XY. If the line XY cuts the heat segment at exactly 90°, it is claimed to it is in a perpendicular bisector. But in this case, the heat does not reduced at a best angle, for this reason it is a segment bisector. The suggest M is considered to be the midpoint of the heat segment abdominal muscle where am = MB.

Types of Segment Bisector

A segment bisector divides a line right into two or much more equal parts. There space different varieties of segment bisectors that specify bisecting a line. Lock are:

PointsLinesRayLine Segment


A suggest is identified as a location in any an are or object represented by a period (.). The does no have any kind of length, height, shape, or size but when 2 points are linked they do a line. Hence, a point marks the start to draw any figure or shape and is created with capital letters. 2 or more points that lie ~ above a solitary straight line space collinear points. Two or more points that lie ~ above the same aircraft are coplanar points. In a segment bisector, a point helps an essential role as it point out the suggest on the heat that separated the line into two halves and it is called as the midpoint. Only a line segment can have a midpoint and also not a heat or ray.



A line is a figure when two points are connected with a distance in between them together with ends prolonging to infinite. In other words, a line is a right path created by a series of points. A line has actually no thickness and can prolong indefinitely in both directions. The length of a line is undefined and also it deserve to have limitless numbers that points. There room different types of present we find out in geometry such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines, horizontal lines, intersecting lines, and vertical lines. Parallel lines perform not intersect each various other while currently that crossing at 90° are referred to as perpendicular lines.



A ray is a part of a heat that has only one fixed suggest and the other allude does no have any kind of end. While rays have a resolved beginning and also no definite end, castle are represented in our day-to-day resides with examples such as the sunlight or the light of a torch. A ray is represented with a tiny arrow over the points. For example in the ray seen below, we have the right to write it together . Whereby A is the endpoint when B is the point through i m sorry the beam is extended.


Line Segment

Line segment is the path in between two clues that have the right to be measured. Since line segments have actually a characterized length, castle can kind the political parties of any kind of polygon. The figure given below shows a heat segment AB, whereby the length of heat segment ab refers to the distance in between its endpoints, A and B.

In a segment bisector, the suggest that bisects the lines into two equal halves is dubbed a midpoint. By definition, a midpoint is a suggest lying in the center or facility of a line joining the 2 points. For the 2 points, if a line is attracted joining the 2 points, climate the midpoint is a suggest at the center of the line and also is equidistant from the 2 points. V this midpoint there can be a ray or a line passing by the divides the line right into equal parts. Multiply rays or line segments can likewise pass by the very same midpoint together the segment bisector. To recognize if the line segment is a segment bisector, we can verify if it crosses on the midpoint and also if that does happen on the midpoint, we can use the midpoint formula to uncover the coordinates of the line. The midpoint formula is:

<(x1 + x2)/2, (y1 + y2)/2)>


(x1 + x2)/2 is median of x-coordinates.(y1 + y2)/2 is average of y-coordinates.


Segment bisectors the bisect at 90° are dubbed perpendicular bisectors. A perpendicular bisector is identified as a heat or a heat segment that divides a provided line segment into two components of equal measurement making 4 angles that 90° every on both sides. Perpendicular bisector on a line segment deserve to be created easily using a ruler and also a compass.


Related Topics

Listed listed below are a couple of interesting topics regarded segment bisector, take a look.

Example 2: think about the heat segment (overlineAB). The endpoints room (3, h) and (7, 7). Uncover the value of h if the midpoint of (overlineAB) is (4, -2).


Let x1 = 3, y1 = h, x2 = 7, and y2 = 7. According to the an interpretation of midpoint we have, (x1 + x2)/2, (y1 + y2)/2) = ((3 + 7)/2, (h + 7)/2) = (10/2, (h + 7)/2) = (5, (h + 7)/2). Equalizing this v the midpoint worth (4, -2) we have (h + 7)/2 = -2; h + 7 = -2 × 2; h + 7 = -4; h = -4 - 7; h = -11. Therefore, the worth of h is -11.

Example 3: recognize if the given number is a line segment, a line, or a ray.

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The number has one starting point however an arrowhead on the various other end. This reflects that it is no a line segment or a line, the is a ray. Therefore, PQ is a ray.