Point is the basic building block the Geometry. Every shape is made through the combine the points.

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A small dot significant by a pencil is a point. A allude has no length or width. It has no thickness. Point is a mark of position. A point specifies the specific location. Suggest is denoted by a period (.) and also is named by an alphabet.


In the figure above, O is a allude as it has actually a definite mark. Right here it suggests this suggest O is situated at the center of the plane. In the number below, there is another point A. The is located at right bottom the the plan.



Let united state think the a torch. The irradiate rays come out of it and move away. Let united state take example of sun. The rays begin from sun and also go in every directions and also reach to us.

In Geometry also, a beam starts from a allude and might go to infinity. It has actually staring suggest but has actually no end point. Us say a ray has one endpoint and goes without end in one direction.


In the figure above, the starts native A and the arrow denotes it can go to infinity.

Its length cannot be measured. An unlimited number of rays have the right to be attracted in various directions indigenous a provided point

The rays coming from torch or sun are instances of rays.

This is a ray due to the fact that a ray has one endpoint and also goes without end in one direction


Look at the number above. There are arrows top top both sides. It suggests it have the right to go additional on both sides without end. This is referred to as line.

A line goes without end in both directions. Both ends of a line deserve to go to infinity. A line has no finish points. The size of a heat cannot be measured. A line has actually no definite length.

A line is named by any two point out on it and written as line ab or heat PQ. One and also only one line have the right to be attracted passing through two given points A and also B. This heat is called AB. That may additionally be dubbed BA. Line BA is the same as heat AB. Both pass with the very same two clues A and B.

An unlimited number of lines have the right to be drawn passing with a given suggest A.

A horizontal heat goes directly left or appropriate across. A vertical heat goes straight up or down.

A diagonal line line can be in any kind of direction in between horizontal line and vertical line.

Line Segment

Now look in ~ the number above. Over there is no arrowhead on any end. That starts from one point and end at an additional point. This is referred to as a line segment. A section of a line is a heat segment.

A line segment has actually two endpoints. A heat segment is a straight line that connects two points. It is the shortest path between the 2 points. A heat segment has definite length. Its length have the right to be measured.

Let us note two little dots (.) by a pencil as points A and also B. Let us join them by drawing a right line. This forms a heat segment. A line segment is called by its 2 endpoints and also written as line-segment abdominal muscle or line-segment PQ.

In the figure above, a heat segment abdominal muscle has two end points A and B. That starts from allude A and also ends at allude B. One and only one line-segment can be in between two provided points A and B. This line-segment is dubbed AB. That may additionally be referred to as BA. Line BA is the exact same as line AB. Both pass through the exact same two points A and also B.

Line segment can likewise be a part of a line as in the number below.


A line-segment may be additionally a component of ray. In the number below, a line segment abdominal has two finish points A and B. The is a part of a ray beginning from A.

Parallel lines

Two present in the same aircraft either fulfill or do not meet. If the 2 lines top top a plane meet, we say the two lines intersect and the suggest where they satisfy is called point of intersection. If the 2 lines cannot accomplish at any point, lock are dubbed parallel lines. No two points can be common to 2 parallel lines.

In the figure above, the 2 lines do not intersect each other. Also if we expand these present further, they will not touch or fulfill each other. They room parallel lines.

Intersecting lines

Let us look at the 2 lines abdominal and CD in number above. They crossing at allude O. Thus they room not parallel lines. Suggest O is the point of their intersection.

Concurrent lines

Three or an ext lines passing v the same suggest on a aircraft are called concurrent lines. In the figure below, the three lines AB, CD and EF intersect each other at allude O.


Collinear points

Three or more points in a plane* are claimed to be upright if they all lie on the same line.


In the number above, clues A, B and C space on the very same line. For this reason these three points A, B and also C is collinear.

*Flat surface is dubbed a aircraft in Geometry. We deserve to say a item of document from our Exercise publication is a plane.

Measurement of heat segment

A leader is one instrument provided in geometry. We use a leader to draw a heat segment. We use it likewise to measure length of a line segment.


A ruler is typically 1 ft (30 cm) long and also is called One foot ruler. Sometime it is simply dubbed scale. Part rulers are 6 inches (15cm) long and also are called fifty percent foot ruler. One leaf of a ruler has actually scales significant in inches and the other edge has scales marked in cm.

We place the ruler with its edge follow me the line-segment abdominal with the zero mark of the leader at the start suggest A that the line-segment. We read the mark on the leader at the other endpoint B of the line-segment.

Points come Remember

A little dot significant is a point.A point has no length, width or thickness.A point specifies the exact location.A beam starts indigenous a allude and goes to infinity.A line has actually no end points.A heat segment has two endpoints.A line segment connects both endpoints.If the two lines cannot fulfill at any type of point, lock are called parallel lines.Three or more points top top the exact same line are claimed to be upright pointsA ruler is supplied to draw a line segment and measure the length.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: draw two points A and also B ~ above a file and draw line-segment.

Answer: We mark a point A ~ above a writing page and then mark another allude B top top the same Page. We sign up with these two points utilizing a line. This is the heat segment.

Question 2: attract two intersecting lines.

Answer: We take it a ruler and also draw a heat AB. Then we slightly revolve the ruler and draw one more line CD in such a means that it overcome through any kind of one point of line AB.

Question 3: create two key differences in between line and line segment.


A heat segment has actually two endpoints. A line has actually no end point.A line-segment has actually a identify length. However a heat does not have definite length.

Question 4: Write two an essential differences between a line and also a ray.


A heat goes without end in both directions however a ray has actually one endpoint and also goes without finish in one direction.The line ab is same as the heat BA. But the ray abdominal is different than the ray BA.

Question 5: What do collinear point out mean?

Answer: Collinear points space points top top the same line. 3 or much more points in a plane are claimed to be upright if they all lie on the exact same line.

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1. Determine the number below?

RayLineLine Segment

2. Determine the figure below?

RayLineLine Segment

3. Determine the number below?

RayLineLine Segment

4. I beg your pardon of the complying with has a defined length?

RayLineLine Segment

True or False

5. The 2 lines in the figure below are parallel lines



6. The two lines in the figure below are parallel lines


Fill in the blanks

7. ………………… has a identify length

RayLineLine Segment

8. ………………… has no finish points

RayLineLine Segment

9. Which of the following is only one finish point?

RayLineLine Segment

10. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is not correct?

An unlimited number of lines can be drawn passing through a point.Two lines always meet at part point.A line is longer than a line-segment.