Some building material when dissolvedin water to produce a equipment will command an electric current. Together substances produce ions when dissolved in water, and it is the ion which carry the present through the solution. The research facet of this science fair task is to use a conductivity machine to identify if various substance liquified in water can or cannot conduct electricity.

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This scientific research fair project focuses on the usage a conductivity device that will permit the investigator to recognize if a substance liquified in water have the right to or can not conduct electricity and if the can, what kind of conductor (electrolyte) it is.

From the monitorings made a data table will certainly be generated and results displayed in the form of a graph.

Materials and also Equipment / Ingredients

Conductivity device, plastic cups, large document clips, masking tape, distilled water, mineral water, table sugar, carbonated soda, table salt, and also household vinegar.

With the exemption of the conductivity machine all the the materials can be purchased native the neighborhood supermarket or significant retail (Wal-Mart, Target, dollar General, etc) discount room store. The Tri-fold display screen board have the right to be purchased native an arts & craft store.

A conductivity machine can be purchased from the following online venders:


An electrical current results indigenous the movement of electrically fee particles in response to pressures that action on them native an used electric field. Pure water is no a good conductor the electricity. Some substances when dissolvedin water to create a systems will conduct an electrical current. Together substances develop ions (charged electrical particles) when dissolved in water and also these ions bring the existing through the solution. Remedies that contain this capacity are dubbed Electrolytes. Since the electrical current is transported through the ions in solution, the conductivity increases as the concentration of ion increases. Non-electrolytes are substance when ar in water do not produce solutions the contain ions and hence perform not command an electric current. Electrolytes have the right to be classified together eitherstrong electrolytes or weak electrolytes relying on their capability to ionize totally or partially.

Electrical conductivity can be measured utilizing a conductivity measuring an equipment consisting the two steel electrodes commonly spaced 1 cm apart (thus the unit of measurement is microSeimens or milliSeimens per centimeter). A constant voltage is applied across the electrodes bring about an electrical present flowing v the systems to be tested. Because the current flowing v the systems is proportional to the concentration of dissolved ions in the water, the electric conductivity deserve to be measured. The greater the dissolved ion concentration, the an ext conductive the sample and also hence the greater the conductivity reading.

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A conductivity an equipment is typically used in hydroponics, aquaculture, swimming pools, and also freshwater systems to monitor the quantity of nutrients, salt or impurities in the water.

Digital photos deserve to be taken throughout the experimenting procedure andthe following websites sell down loadable photos that deserve to be supplied on the screen board:

Research Questions

What is one electrolyte?What is conductivity?Based on the results of your test which substance(s) are an excellent electrolytes?Look in ~ the perform of ingredients provided on the mineral water bottle label. Which ones perform you think contribute to the conductivity?Look in ~ the perform of ingredients provided on carbonated soda bottle label. I beg your pardon ones perform you think contribute to the conductivity?The liquid chemical paste discovered inside of commercial flashlight batteries are electrolytes, the the materials tested for conductivity i beg your pardon substances might possibly offered in a battery?

Experimental Procedure

Assemble the distilled water, mineral water, built up rain water, carbonated soda, and also household vinegar. Prepare a sugar and also salt solution by dissolve the 2 substances in distilled water. Fill plastic cups fifty percent full of each of liquids to be tested.Straightened two paper clips and also using tape close the clips come opposite sides of the very first cup to it is in tested.Do not ar the alligator clips directly into the solution to be tested. This will result in the ultimate corrosion of the clips.Instead, clamp the alligator clips come the record clips then location them in the equipment as displayed to the left.Depending of the conductivity machine being used record even if it is or no the LED glows (if the Conductivity Circuit plank Indicator®), and also whether the light is bright, center bright or dim in the table. Rinse, the paper clips and also cup with distilled water between tests.If a tiny running present is adjacent test a sample that its water because that conductivity. If the water does display screen conductivity what substances can be liquified in the stream and also where could they have actually come from?

Place a


in the table that corresponds to the light created by the LED. Based upon the brightness of the LED share the liquids as “strong,” “moderate,” “weak,” or “not an electrolyte”