Now you have actually the opportunity to live out your video game dreams on the selection with an AA-12 semi-auto shotgun. Previously the only means to shoot one of the revolutionary shotguns was to purchase a write-up sample as a SOT dealer but Sol Invictus arms has readjusted that.

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The shotgun will certainly be easily accessible for pre-order on famous sites such together Armslist and also Gunbroker if you happen to have actually a spare $3250 laying around. The push release wasn"t certain about what the pre-order it s okay you beyond a semi-auto AA-12 but they do cite a Boje Signature execution that would be restricted to 1,000 units.


The semi-auto variant of the renowned AA-12 will have actually a closed bolt style to keep it ATF compliant but will still function the lube free design that made the AA-12 for this reason famous and controllable.

More indigenous Sol Invictus Arms about the pre-order the the AA-12 semi auto shotgun:

Melbourne, FL – sol Invictus Arms with Tactical Superiority, Inc. Is proud come announce the release of the AA-12 shotgun. This venerable, proven shotgun is a new addition come the solar Invictus eight product offering. With numerous improvements, changes to manufacturing processes and amplified variants catering to the civilian market, this shotgun, as soon as only obtainable to legislation enforcement and military is currently being re-released to the basic public.

Originally design by Max Atchisson, the architecture was marketed in 1987, and the AA-12 underwent an ext than 100 alters made by Boje Cornils permitting a fully functional and also reliable firearm. Currently Boje Cornils is working through Tactical Superiority, Inc. And Sol Invictus Arms, to lug this amazing firearm come the masses. Not just will the production models include brand-new and improved versions the the currently known AA-12 in a complete auto configuration for military and law enforcement, it will now incorporate a never prior to seen, 100% legitimate semi-automatic variation for the civilian market. The newly available AA-12 represents significant improvement over previous production techniques, including improved architecture elements, and is now available at a significantly an ext consumer friendly price point.

 “We’re proud to it is in a part of the legacy of the notorious AA-12 Shotgun and also happy to have the ability to bring a civilian variation to market.” claimed Michael Conn, President and CEO the Tactical Superiority, Inc. Once asked for comment.

The first release of the AA-12 will be a pre-sale offering, easily accessible on initially and followed ~ above a few weeks later on as a limited edition dubbed the “Boje Signature” model. Every edition will certainly be limited to 1000 shotguns. Expected delivery will it is in in December the 2018.

You can uncover these minimal edition firearms on the corresponding sites ( and also because that pre-purchase.

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About sol Invictus Arms Sol Invictus eight was produced by the team in ~ Tactical Superiority together an path for invention in the guns industry. The name is derived from the Roman Sol Invictus, meaning “to defend the troops”, it to represent the company’s dedication to creating the best innovations in the industry and focusing on practicality, reliability and also efficiency, perfect for usage in the line of duty and also beyond. Sol Invictus eight is based in Melbourne, Florida.

About Tactical Superiority, Inc. A multimillion dollar production company, founded in 2010, Tactical Superiority is a contract providers to several of the biggest names in the firearms industry. Chances are, you have personally offered one or more of their parts in a firearm at part point. Their emphasis has been primarily in the M4/M16, AR-15 and M110/AR .308 markets. Together a supplier to the biggest companies operating in the space, Tactical superiority has actually cemented its legacy as a top quality provider of components kits, crucial components and also innovative add-ons to the industry.