The ar for an excellent and not-so-great virtually forgotten videos from the decade of Miami Vice, mullets, and acid wash jeans. All prayer to the bands, YouTube, and the initial posters of this videos.

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While the text hint in ~ a good story behind Donnie Iris" "Ah! Leah!," it transforms out the there yes, really isn"t one. In fact, the songoriginallyhad one anti-war ide before transforming into a love / lust song, and also the name come from a previousband mates" girlfriend. Ah well.
"Ah! Leah!" was Donnie Iris" (given name: Dominic Ierac)first solo hit, however he had actually an amazing career prior to that. He began as the command singer ofThe Jaggerz, who had a large hit in 1970 through "The Rapper." after ~ The Jaggerz damaged up, Iris was asked to sign up with Wild Cherry, who were popular based upon their 1976 hit "Play the Funky Music." and also after Wild Cherry broke up, Iris went the end on his very own withMark Avsec, the keyboard player for Wild Cherry.

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Iris" very first album, 1980"s earlier on the Streets, checked out #57 ~ above the charts, when "Ah! Leah!" fight #29. Iris would go top top to have actually 5 an ext charting singles, including two more top 40 hits with 1985, so over there is no one hit wonder story here. However, legal troubles with his document label impede any brand-new material native beingreleasedfrom 1985 through 1992, which efficiently ended Iris" mainstream popularity. Even so, Iris (and Avsec) continue to record and perform come the present day.
Cool trivia fact: The actress in the "Ah! Leah!" video is rumored to be Joanna Lumley, who ended up being famous together Patsy stone in the BBC comedy certain Fabulous.
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I think it to be Dian Parkinson, long term model on "The Price Is Right" show-who favors Lumley somewhat--


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