Producer Mutt Lange originally wrote “All ns Wanna carry out Is make Love to You” in the 1970s, intending because that Don Henley to sing it. Instead it was taped by Dobie Gray, however went… read More 
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It was a merganser nightWhen that came into sightStanding by the roadWith no umbrella, no coatSo ns pulled up follow me sideAnd I readily available him a rideHe embraced with a smileSo we drove for a whileI didn't ask the his nameThis lonely young in the rainFate, tell me it's rightIs this love at very first sight?Please don't do it wrongJust remain for a nightAll i wanna carry out is do love come youSay you will, you desire me tooAll ns wanna execute is do love to youI got loving arms to hold ontoSo we uncovered this hotelIt to be a ar I knew wellWe make magic that nightOh, the did every little thing right
He lugged the woman out of meSo many times, easilyAnd in the morning, when he wokeAll i left him was a noteI said him i am the flowerYou room the seedWe to walk in the gardenWe planted a treeDon't shot to find mePlease don't friend dareJust live in my memoryYou'll constantly be thereAll ns wanna execute is make love to youOne night the love was all us knewAll ns wanna do is make love come youI got loving eight to organize ontoWhoa, oh, us made loveLove like strangersAll night longWe do loveThen it taken place one dayWe came 'round the very same wayYou can imagine his surpriseWhen he witnessed his own eyes
I said, "Please, you re welcome understandI'm in love with an additional manAnd what the couldn't give me, oh, whoaWas the one little thing that you can"All ns wanna carry out is do love to youOne night of love to be all we knewAll ns wanna perform is do love to youCome on, speak you will, you want me tooAll i wanna execute is make love to youOne night that love to be all us knewAll ns wanna execute is do love come youSay friend will, baby, desire me tooAll night long, every night longAll night long, all night longAll i wanna do, all i wanna doAll i wanna do, all i wanna doAll ns wanna execute is make love to youOne night of love was all us knew
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Producer Mutt Lange initially wrote “All ns Wanna carry out Is make Love come You” in the 1970s, intending for Don Henley to song it. Instead it was taped by Dobie Gray, yet went greatly unnoticed.

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Later that rewrote the text to be from the female suggest of view, v a storyline that consists of a twist-ending about impotency. Heart took the song to #2 in the US and also into the peak 5 in several countries overseas as the lead solitary from your 1990 album Brigade. The is your last top 10 in the US, UK, Australia and new Zealand.

The Wilson sisters have actually said the the simple concept the the song is ‘hideous’.


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The Wilson sister told Dan Rather:

Nancy: “All i Wanna Do” is a tune that was created by a really famed producer-songwriter, Mutt Lange, who went on come do country music. And also you might hear in that tune the formulaic thing that to be going to become country music, the he was up to currently at the time. It has a great hook, it has a great sound, however for Ann, no her favorite song to sing. It’s about the lyrics.

Ann: once again, it’s around the problematic command singer. Needs to be authentic, has actually to believe in the words she singing.

Nancy: also though we readjusted the sex of the track around, which became so shocking the they banned the in Ireland because it was song around a girl, a wanton lassie, who picks increase a hitchhiker guy.

Ann: Like, you’re a hitchhiker, ns don’t understand you for this reason let’s obtain in the car and exchange fluids and now, acquire out. Ns mean, it is hideous.

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Nancy: it’s an exciting thing around songs like that, though, because unless she Ann Wilson and you have to stand there and also deliver this post that’s in the words, you know, most human being when they hear something the they love they’re no thinking right into all the corners that the song. They’re just feeling an excellent and listening come it.