The high cost of top quality patio makes every penny invested on cleaning and also maintaining it well worth the investment. Touch ups the scratches, nicks and also scrapes on painted frames not only enhance the illustration of patio, lock can help prolong the durability of the frame and also finish.

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before You Begin

before you begin your touch increase project, you"ll need to remove cushions, clean the, and also check for damage.

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eliminate Cushions and Protect Mesh Seats

Taping turn off mesh sling seats Whenever possible, fully remove upholstered seats and also cushions before attempting come touch increase or repaint patio In the situation of difficult to remove sling-style seat on chairs, use painter"s ice to closely tape off every the edges where the product meets the chair"s frame. Run your fingertip follow me the edge come ensure a chop seal. Then usage newspaper and tape to complete covering the locations you don"t want painted. Use this technique to safeguard glass tabletops together well.

Clean and Assess the Damage

every surfaces needing touch-ups or repainting should be thoroughly cleaned first. Techniques vary by the construction and material that the"s frame. Clean can also reveal nicks and also scratches hidden by dirt or undesirable mold and mildew.

A couple of nicks and also scratches on a solitary frame will certainly hardly be noticeable, if at all, once they room touched up. However, if the shade has faded, the paint is peeling bad or there are large areas that wear, it"s better to simply repaint instead of trying to camouflage dozens that touch ups. Be certain to buy an extra can of repaint so you will certainly have an accurate match for future touch ups.

natural Wicker Materials

natural wicker need to only be supplied on extended porches or patios since the sun will quickly dry out and also deteriorate the fibers, causing them to cracked or split. It"s important to clean wicker gently, so you don"t damage the verity of the woven material.

Vacuum with duster brush attachments Bucket of heat water Mild dish soap clean rags Bleach systems (1 cup family bleach diluted in a bucket the water if mildew is present) Sponge Spray bottle with water cable brush or sandpaper (for skin paint) Dust mask

organic Wicker clean Method

Prepare her work room in a well ventilated area such together an open up garage or backyard patio. ar the wicker item on a drop fabric to catch cleaning solutions, sanding debris and also paint. Use added drop cloths if essential to safeguard any nearby walls or objects. using the duster brush attachment on the vacuum hose, go over the entire surface the the wicker to remove any loose debris, dust or cobwebs. Remove any type of flaking or peeling repaint with a stiff wire brush or sandpaper taking care not to damages the woven material. If the has actually a glossy lacquer or varnish finish, apply the fluid sander, adhering to the package instructions. go over the whole surface again making use of the sponge and also soapy water come remove any kind of grease or oily store on the wicker surface. If girlfriend come throughout any mildew, apply the bleach equipment to the influenced areas v a sponge. rinse the bleach through spraying the area v clean water. Allow the come air dried completely.


Touch up Materials

tiny artist"s repaint brush small disposable plastic bowl or key small piece the cardboard (roughly 8 by 11 in) the end spray primer the end enamel spray repaint

Touch up Methods

depending on how serious the scratches appear, you"ll need to pick one that two methods for emotional up her

How come Fix small Nicks, Chips or young Scratches

Spray a small amount of primer into a plastic bowl. use the tiny paintbrush to to fill in or cover any kind of exposed areas of rattan, rush, or cane. once the an initial coat is dry, use a second coat and allow it to dry. Repeat with the spray paint, utilizing the paintbrush to apply thin coats till the color is mixed in.

How come Fix large Scratches and also Scrapes

hold the item of cardboard in a position where the will capture the paint over-spray (the spaces under or behind the area you"re spraying) and also apply a thin coat of primer end the exposed area, keeping the can 8 come 10 inches far from the surface. apply a second thin coat after ~ the first one is dry. Repeat with the spray paint, using thin coats until the color and also coverage is continuous with the remainder of the

Resin Wicker

great quality resin wicker is designed come stand up to outdoor elements and also doesn"t readily fade in the sun, as the product contains built-in UV inhibitors. However, after countless years of the end use, also resin wicker have the right to start come look a little dingy and some master opt to repaint it to fit their decorating style.

Cleaning and Preparing Resin Wicker

Vacuuming is likewise a good way to remove dust, loose debris and also cobwebs from resin wicker. However, wipe under resin wicker through an ammonia-based cleanser or if the plastic is relatively new, use repaint thinner because that the ideal results.

Touch up Options

usage the very same two methods described for natural wicker come touch up the paint on resin wicker except for applying the primer. Primer is not necessary; simply be sure to usage the specific same paint offered to refinish the

Shopping guideline for Wicker Paint

Krylon fusion is the repaint to go with on any kind of the end resin or plastic, as it deserve to bond come plastic and also is recommended for wicker Friend can also eliminate the require for inside wall on organic wicker through using paint with primer consisted of such as Krylon ColorMaster repaint + Primer.

Wrought iron Patio

Wrought steel outdoor is specifically susceptible come rust, so it"s important to remove any existing rust and to use a type of outdoor paint that can assist prevent that in the future.

clean Materials

drop cloths White vinegar Bucket with water Scrub brush Rags security goggles Dust mask Stiff cable brush navy jelly (optional rust dissolver) Clean to wash water

cleaning Method

location drop cloths under to record cleaning solutions, molting rust and paint. Mix equal components vinegar and water. Use a rag and a scrub brush come clean the metal of any dirt or grime. attract a dust mask and also safety goggles, use a stiff wire brush to remove all areas of rust and also flaking paint close to scratches or scrapes. Scraping the surface likewise helps turbulent it increase for better paint adhesion. For heavy or hard to eliminate rust, use the navy jelly adhering to the package instructions. do a last wipe down of the through clean to wash water to remove any residue or loosened debris.

Touch increase Materials

Using little brush come touch increase Touch up repaint with rust inhibitor for metal (for white or black color Cardboard piece tiny artist"s paintbrush Disposable bowl or key Spray paint with primer and also rust inhibitor for steel (other colors)

just how to Touch Up small Nicks, Chips and also Minor Scratches

usage the brush the came v the touch up paint to fill in and also cover exposed metal. Use thin coats to develop up and blend the color. If using spray paint, spray a little amount of paint onto a disposable plate. Usage a little paintbrush to apply the paint, including thin coats till the desired coverage is achieved.

just how to Touch Up huge Scratches and Scrapes

host the cardboard piece under or behind the area friend are around to spray to capture the overspray. Spray a slim coat of repaint on the exposed area, hold the deserve to 8 come 10 customs away. Wait for the coat to dry before applying the next coat. Stop when the coverage look at even.

to buy Tips

Rust-oleum"s prevent Rust Touch-Up Paint has a tiny brush conveniently set up in the cap. The fence is the it just comes in black or white. For various other colors, take into consideration Rust-Oleum"s universal Paint and Primer in One. Not just does it eliminate the need for a primer, it has integrated rust inhibitors to protect metal and also comes in numerous colors and finishes.

cast Aluminum Patio

The frames of cast aluminum patio space not likely to rust. However, exposed locations from chips or scratches in the repaint are susceptible to oxidation which have the right to make it daunting for repaint to adhere in the future. Cast aluminum regularly has a rock-hard, flour coat end up that numerous manufacturers administer touch up repaint for. Although a powder coat finish can be touched up v acrylic enamel spray paint, the touched up locations will not be as resilient as the surrounding powder coat.

cleaning Materials

never use abrasive cleansers or assets with bleach on cast aluminum as they can damage the finish. Test cleaning remedies on an inconspicuous component of the framework to check for any discoloration.

autumn cloths Mild liquid soap Distilled white vinegar (optional because that calcium build-up) Bucket of heat water cleaning rags Clean to wash water dried towel fine grit sandpaper or Emery fabric Lint cost-free cloth Rubbing alcohol

clean Method

protect your work area by placing autumn cloths under the Mix a small amount that mild liquid soap with heat water and wipe under the structure to remove any dirt, grime and greasy residue. If girlfriend come throughout calcium build-up, mix one component vinegar come nine components water to remove it. Rinse through clean water and also dry through a towel. easy sand the edges roughly scratches, nicks or chips in the paint. Sand as tiny an area as possible to avoid making the scrape or nick larger. Dampen the lint complimentary cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe away any kind of residue.

Touch increase Materials

inspect with the manufacturer the your actors aluminum to check out if they offer touch increase paint. Providers such as cast Classics, Homecrest outdoor Living and also Tropitone direct you to order the repaint through a neighborhood authorized dealer.

Cardboard Disposable plate or key little artist"s paintbrush Manufacturer"s touch up repaint or acrylic enamel spray repaint + primer Dry, clean paintbrush (optional for texture) Damp, lint-free towel (optional for texture)

Touch Up small Nicks, Chips and Minor Scratches

Spray a tiny amount that touch increase paint into a disposable bowl. usage the tiny paintbrush to use the repaint in slim coats till the wanted coverage is achieved. If the end up is textured, wait because that the last coat of repaint to end up being tacky and also dab the surface ar with a clean dry paintbrush.
organize the spray repaint can about 4 come 6 inches far from the scratch and also spray one irradiate coat, keeping your arm in activity to avoid too much build-up. Use your other hand to organize the cardboard behind the area you"re spraying to catch any type of overspray. Wait 10 minutes or once the paint is dried to the touch, go back over with an additional spray, proceeding to include thin coats until the scratch disappears. To enhance a slight texture, wait 3 come 5 minutes for the critical coat to come to be tacky and also then pat through a damp, lint cost-free cloth.

Caution: Tropitone warns against attempting to get full coverage v the an initial coat of paint. Solvents in the spray repaint may cause the surrounding finish to loosen and also wrinkle if one heavy coat is applied.

shopping Tips

reconstruction Hardware offers outdoor touch up kit designed to enhance their painted aluminum finish. Instead of spray paint, the kit has a marker, sponge and scraper, comparable to what friend would uncover for emotional up indoor wood Touch up repaint for Hanamint Aluminum the end deserve to be purchased virtual as well. Note: some multicolor finishes need a 2 or 3 paint color coat process.

If girlfriend don"t understand the manufacturer that your cast aluminum, Orbit markets makes touch increase paint and also pens because that powder coat repaint finishes. Rust-Oleum"s universal Hammered and Forged Hammered Spray repaint contain a integrated primer and also mimic the look at of a textured Hammertone flour coat finish.

wood Patio

lumber patio needs the most maintenance and also care to keep the looking and also performing in ~ its best. Protective coatings such as paint, sealed stains and also spar varnishes v UV blockers aid protect lumber from the drying and also bleaching effects of the sun and the mildew and also rot caused by excessive moisture.

instead of just touching up scratches, nicks and also areas of wear, it"s usually much better to repaint the whole surface of hardwood - the more you encapsulate wood through a safety coating, the much longer it will last outdoors. Follow to Today"s Homeowner, wood should be recoated each year or two.

cleaning Materials

once cleaning hardwood, it"s important to inspect everywhere for indicators of mold or mildew, so be sure to turn the over and also check under it.

clear dishwashing soap Bucket of heat water cleaning rags Bleach systems in spray bottle (1 part bleach come 3 parts water) Clean to wash water Dust mask coarse grit sandpaper orbital sander (if the previous end up needs to be removed)

cleaning Method

choose a well ventilated area that is also protected indigenous the wind therefore dirt and debris doesn"t stick come the paint as soon as it"s drying. place drop cloths under the to catch cleaning and also sanding debris and paint. Mix around ¼ cup dishwashing soap through a gallon of heat water. use a clean rag to remove dirt, grime and also any oily residue from the surface of the If any type of mold or mildew is present, apply the bleach equipment and permit it to sit for a few minutes. rinse the through clean water and enable it to dry completely.

If the previous complete is still in great condition, roughen the surface using outlet grit sandpaper, going with the grain of the wood. For cracked and also badly skin paint, usage an orbital sander to remove the end up down come the ceiling wood.


You"ll find a lot of good paint options for outdoor hardwood, depending on how you want to use it. If you"re paint over a previous finish that is still mostly intact, you can skip the primer yet exposed hardwood spots can cause an uneven finish. Sheathe the through a stain blocking primer. Use primer and also paint to every inch of the surface, including underneath come seal the hardwood completely.

Oil-based exterior grade paint offers excellent trust on outdoor yet you can likewise use latex paint over a stain blocking primer. Most spray repaint is oil-based and also provides straightforward application ~ above chair legs and also benches through multiple wooden slats.


primer (for exposed wood) Enamel spray repaint


shake the spray inside wall for about a minute come mix the materials well. hold the can around 10 come 16 inches far from the surface and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, contempt overlapping every stroke. apply a second coat of primer after the an initial coat is dry to the touch. Enable the inside wall to dry because that 24 hours. use the spray paint simply as you did through the primer. Shake the can for a minute come mix the paint and hold the can about 10 come 16 inches away from the surface. Spray a slim coat of paint using a secure back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping every stroke. use the second coat within 1 hour or wait because that 24 hours. If friend can"t reach all surfaces without transforming the over, wait at least 24 hours and also carefully reposition the piece to repeat the process on the various other side.

to buy Tip

You"ll uncover plenty that color alternatives with Valspar"s job Perfect repaint + Primer and also Valspar outdoor Enamel Spray Paint. Both formulas are fade resistant, suited because that wood and also outdoor use, and contain a built-in primer.

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Drying and Curing her Touch Ups

back spray paint tends to dry much faster than brush top top paint, dry time will vary by the brand and formula of repaint you"re using, the material being covered and also the temperature and also humidity the the surrounding air. Be sure to check out the manufacturer"s instructions for the wait time in between coats or once the paint need to be dry to the touch. If you desire the best results for her touch ups or repainted surfaces, permit the paint to completely cure before using the Oil based paint takes 3 come 7 days to cure, meaning it is together dry and hard together it will ever get. Repaint that is only dry come the touch can conveniently be dented or scratched off.

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