The chipettes is a fictional group of three chipmunk singers, based upon the 1983 American animated television show, Alvin and The Chipmunks.

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The cartilage names have remained the same, with some additions in later years. When the original three names have actually been maintained throughout episodes and films, some variations have also popped up.

The chipettes comprises of 3 girl chipmunks. In the original 1983 TV show, they space singers and the counterparts the the masculine characters, Alvin, Simon, and also Theodore. Brittany has actually a crush on Alvin, yet she doesn’t present it. On the other hand, both Eleanor and also Jeanette space expressive around their love for your counterparts. The Chipettes room sisters, and share Miller together their critical name. They likewise share this surname through their embraced guardian. Let’s take it a fast look at all these chipettes names.

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The original Three cartilage Names


Together, the cartilage are recognized for their very own idiosyncratic actions. The original TV present had several episodes specifically about them. Lock were every voice-acted by zenith Karman in every the shows and films. She is the wife of Ross Bagdasarian Jr., the boy of the creator the the initial series.

1.Brittany- She is compassionate, wise, and also the oldest of the chipmunk girls. Brittany is shown to it is in the girl friend of Alvin, the lead character the the TV show. He has actually a to like on Brittany, however she feigns the she does not like him. Since she is the Chipettes" presume leader, she throws her weight around when they all go out and also do particular activities. While Jeanette stands approximately her, Eleanor finds herself at the receiving finish of Brittany’s taunts and criticisms. Yet, she is a love character and also cares for she two boy sisters. Brittany is likewise the favourite Alvin and also the chipmunks names (characters) for numerous viewers.

2.Eleanor- She is the youngest, and is partnered with Theodore in the TV series. Eleanor is the most adorable that the three, and is often found playing about with Theodore. Although she is worried around her shortness, Theodore consistently appreciates her herbal beauty in the show and the films. Eleanor is well-known for she penchant because that food and cooking.

3.Jeanette- Jeanette is clever yet shy; the tallest sister and also is Simon’s counterpart. She has negative eyesight, which is why she is constantly seen attract eyeglasses. Known to it is in clumsy and shy, Jeanette is courageous and also doesn’t give into Brittany’s conquering behavior. She and also Simon space in love.

4.Miss Beatrice Miller- There’s one more related squirrel character, referred to as Miss Beatrice Miller, who is presented as the Chipettes" adoptive mother. She is recognized to be really talkative, and also for her fanciful dressing, but likewise caring and also compassionate in the direction of the fearbut sisters. In part episodes, this guardian personality is named miss Mary Miller.

Other chipettes Names

Since the original TV display has be crazy off several other shows and also films, there have actually been some an ext Chipette names. Below they are:

5.Charlene (German origin)" Featured in a 1982 album regarded the TV show".

6.Ronette (Old English origin) Chubby; has actually similarities come "Eleanor".

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