we calculate shipment estimates by adding the transit time come the approximated shipping date.

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Transit time is based on your favored shipping speed. Us calculate transit time using company days. Saturday and also Sunday don"t commonly count towards the transit time. An exception to this is once a weekend delivery option is accessible during checkout. We also take holidays right into account when calculating the transit time.

For some shipment dates, we may carry out an "order within" countdown timer. This shows the home window of time in which you must ar the bespeak to receive your delivery by the day shown. The day is subject to adjust before you location your order. Your order confirmation email will incorporate your confirmed distribution date.

After an bespeak ships, you can track the in her Orders.


FREE Two-Day Shipping v smashville247.net Prime

If the item girlfriend order is the end of share or unavailable to ship immediately, you might not obtain the items in two service days. Picking One-Day or Two-Day shipping to reduce the transit time to one or two organization days after ~ we"ve shipped your order, however won"t affect the time the takes to obtain the items or prepare it for shipment. The shipping method time starts as soon as the article ships. For example, that takes as much as two organization days after an item ships to with you v Two-Day Shipping.

FREE Shipping

Your order will certainly arrive within 5 to eight days. We procedure and ship your order in the most cost-efficient means possible for this reason we can offer free shipping. If you notice that your items haven"t shipped yet, don"t worry. We might take a small longer than you expect to ship out your order, yet we"ll ship over time for the expected delivery date.

Orders put with smashville247.net Marketplace Sellers

Delivery days may vary for orders placed with Marketplace sellers. For more information, call the seller directly. If your order is eligible because that smashville247.net Prime, smashville247.net Customer service handles any kind of questions around shipping and also delivery ~ you place an order. For an ext information, go to Seller Shipping Rates.

International Shipments

Orders transport abroad might be delay due to personalizeds controls.

Note: Unexpected business delays (e.g., weather conditions, herbal disasters, or unexpected events) add at the very least two to three business days to her estimated shipment date. Choosing a higher quantity for an object may make it ineligible for prompt shipping when the item is unavailable in your ar or at the very same location. In this case, the One-Day shipment option might not appear.

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