Back to American Girl DollsThe American Girl Retail store is the ultimate destination for your American Girl. The shop are located in the following United states Cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and brand-new York. Every store ar offers several of the complying with services. Examine out prior to your pilgrimage to setup to do the most of your visit.American Girl Stores space obviously the ar to view the merchandise that your American Girl has actually been looking in ~ in the catalogs in person and also to shot on some American Girl fashions for herself. Store locations additionally offer T-shirts because that the dolls and also your daughter that have actually City places printed top top them. You can"t buy one American Girl brand-new York t-shirt in any kind of catalog, just in the brand-new York location.Dining at the Café is available in Chicago, Los Angeles and new York only. This is a officially yet fun dining endure is available for you and your doll when you visit these 3 cities. Her doll will sit next to you in a distinct treat seat as you reap brunch, having lunch or dinner, or an afternoon tea. Arrangement to celebrate a distinct occasion in the Café. Reservations are recommended.The American Girl Bistro is an experience easily accessible in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and also Minneapolis. The Bistro offers a much more casual meal and dessert counter for you and also your doll. Law seats also put her doll appropriate up to the table with you. Memory a one-of-a-kind occasion in the Bistro. Appointments are recommended.Special Packages space also easily accessible at the Chicago, Los Angeles and brand-new York stores only. There are two offered; Day at American Girl Place and Late Night in ~ American Girl Place. A Day at American Girl place includes a enjoy the meal in the Café, unique souvenirs, and a sitting at the photograph Studio. This package includes everything girls love. The so late Night at American Girl place is an after-hours party for you girl and also her friends to enjoy. Girls shop without the crowds, obtain a new hairdo for your dolls and enjoy a delicious meal together. This is one extra-special method to celebrate important milestones like graduations, bat mitzvahs, and also birthdays.

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Three other species of parties are also available; coffee shop Parties, Themed Parties, and also Bistro birthday Celebrations. Café parties are available in Chicago, Los Angeles and brand-new York. Cafe parties include a festive meal, cake and ice cream, goody bags, even doll tiaras! The Bistro parties room the exact same but offered at locations with Bistro"s in them; Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and also Minneapolis. The Themed birthday parties incorporate a choice from one of 4 themes where also dolls acquire to participate. In a exclusive room, a committed host guides girls in games and also doll crafts. The party additionally includes a delicious meal, through cake and also ice cream. Anyone receives a goody bag, and also the birthday girl enjoys a commemorative keepsake.Doll hair salons are accessible at every location. Is her doll"s hair a mess, or are you just searching for a skilled up do? Prices variety from $10 come $20 for hairstyles. Other choices include pampering to add which when included to a hair style for $5 gets your doll a face scrub and decals for she fingernails. Ear piercing is easily accessible for $14 and also includes a pair of silver star earrings and also the standard silver earring collection.The American Girl photo Studio is obtainable in Chicago, brand-new York and also Los Angeles. The photo o studio is available on a an initial come first served basis, reservations are no accepted. You deserve to have her American Girl photographed together a sheathe girl for the American Girl Magazine. Photograph packages range from $23 - $35 and are easily accessible the work of her visit only.American Girl Dolls Store places offer many other special events throughout the year whereby you deserve to do crafts, satisfy a favorite author, or also take a cooking class. Inspect out the American Girl Website before you setup your trip.For an ext on American Girl Dolls, see the adhering to links:The background of American Girl DollsThe historical DollsThe similar to Me Dolls and Bitty baby DollsThe Girl that the Year DollsAmerican Girl Magazine and American Girl Books

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