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The to buy card deserve to only be used at Gracie Grace. To get it, conserve 10000 Bells or more in your bank account. At Gracie Grace, you can use the to acquire two item a day because that "free". The money will certainly come the end of your bank account. If you shot to use the shopping map again come buy a third item (with Bells in her pocket), they will certainly take your Bells.

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You can acquire the Gold map by saving a million bells or much more in your bank account. It does the exact same the Shopping map does, other than you gain a discount in ~ Gracie"s Grace.If you never ever use your financial institution account (after gaining the shopping cart), you can basically store using the card to her heart"s content and also never pay it off.

OK.First my resource told me these and I didn"t try them out.So right here it is...

Code:Effect:Buy all the points in Able sister for 1 weekMable and Sable will give you fifty percent price turn off everythingTalk come Sable everytime you get in Able SistersShe will start telling you what shirts and also clothes they"re walking to offer tommorrow.Never enter Able SistersMable and Sable will begin to go outside and walk aroundTom Nook at Able SistersThe day Tom Nook is renovating, go to able Sisters and also Tom Nook could be there.

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* sell fruits * market furniture top top Flea market Day* offer mushrooms (Only Applicable throughout November)* sell fossils (You don"t need to provide them to the museum.)* Collect and sell sea shells (Keep the scallops for Pascal: he provides you a rare item for them)* let the townsfolk turn your rubbish (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack-in-the-Boxes on Halloween and also sell them* Deposit money in the bank and also wait a pair days, you obtain interest on your bells* shake trees because that 100 bells and an item each day (Watch the end for bees!)* Cross-breed flowers and sell them* collection special event furniture and also sell it to Nook (Harvest, Mush, Snowman etc.)* take it the items native the Dumpster and the Lost and also Found and also sell them* Mail letters to townsfolk, they can send presents ago If I determined to add anything else, I"ll include it in the comments. Others can add too in the comments.