5 Reasons Why Raven & Beast Boy Are Fans' Favorite Couple (& 5 Why It’s Superboy & Wonder Girl) While Superboy and Wonder Girl make a great couple, Beast Boy and Raven"s budding romance gives them a run for their money with fans.

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During Geoff John"s run of Teen Titans, he introduced two romantic relationships within the team; Raven and Beast Boy, and Superboy and Wonder Girl. While Raven and Beast Boy"s hostile relationship turning romantic was an unexpected, but welcomed surprise, Wonder Girl and Superboy"s coupling was almost immediately introduced and explored until Superboy"s death during Infinite Crisis. Both couples have been fully embraced by the comic book community, but every Teen Titans fan has their favorite.

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While Superboy and Wonder Girl took more of the spotlight within John"s run, Beast Boy and Raven"s budding romance carried with it the established friendship that began in 1980. When it comes to which couple is better, both have their fans.

One aspect of the romantic pairing of Raven and Beast Boy that makes it so appealing is that it"s built on contrast. Raven is often portrayed as jaded on the surface, while Beast Boy is often the comic relief of the Teen Titans.

Although both characters are much deeper than this, the stark differences between their personas offer readers not only two very different outlooks and attitudes but also shows that deep down they are both very similar people. Beast Boy may be more inclined to have a sense of humor in a tight spot and Raven may not find it as easy to be as extroverted, but their similarities are only highlighted by this divide.

Cassie Sandsmark and Conner Kent both struggle with the burden of being associated with two of the most iconic superheroes in the DC Universe. This brings them closer together and allows them to express themselves to each other, and therefore the reader, about what it is like to carry the legacy of Wonder Woman and Superman respectively.

Conner and Cassie struggling to forge their own path is an important aspect to both of their characters and makes their romance feel authentic in how quickly it progresses.

While Cassie and Conner"s relationship was primarily featured in comics. Raven and Beast Boy"s dynamic was also shown in the Teen Titans TV show. Although they never became a couple, it allowed Geoff Johns to build on the dynamic between Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire without the fear of alienating new comic readers who hadn"t read Marv Wolfman and George Perez" reboot in 1980.

This made their eventual coupling feel earned despite their relationship receiving much less focus than that of Superboy and Wonder Girl. Their transition from friendship to a couple was so embraced that it was introduced in the comedic spin-off of 2013"s Teen Titans Go!. Further establishing their relationship in the Teen Titans fandom.

7 Superboy And Wonder Girl: A Compelling Subplot

One pitfall that new couples face in comics is that writers do not know what to do after they put the two characters in a relationship. This was not the case for Conner and Cassie whose relationship was a welcomed subplot amidst all the standard superhero antics.

Their bond over feeling a sense of imposter syndrome as teen superheroes were well developed and naturally grew into something more nuanced that intersected well with Wonder Girl and Superboy"s relationship with other characters on the team. Character focused subplots are essential to any successful superhero comic and Conner and Cassie"s blossoming romance always struck the right chord and never overstayed its welcome.

It"s easy for a character like Beast Boy to be overlooked on a team as merely "the funny guy". Thankfully, plenty of writers have found a way to show Beast Boy to be more than just comic relief.

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Many of his relationships in the team amplified his sense of humor whether they were the straight man of part of the joke themselves, but often these moments were coupled with Beast Boy being on his own and taking on a more responsible role in the situation. His relationship with Raven allowed him to both acts as the comic relief and is able to show his mature side.

5 Superboy And Wonder Girl: A Tragic Death

Superboy and Wonder Girl"s romance was considered strong enough to be a central story in the DC Event Infinite Crisis. The splash page above has Wonder Girl and Superboy standing among the four most popular characters in the DC Universe.

Despite only being a couple for no more than 3 years, Johns felt that he had built a strong enough dynamic to have Superboy"s dying moments spent with Cassie to punctuate the tragedy of the moment. The image of Wonder Girl holding the dead body of Conner Kent was considered important enough to end Teen Titans issue in Infinite Crisis. After the One Year Later storyline, Cassie and the rest of the team are still reeling from his death and trying to come to terms with it.

Raven presents almost the exact same problem as Beast Boy does as a character, although from the opposite end of the spectrum. She could easily come off as an emotionless goth, with her natural introversion making it difficult to undermine this perception.

Raven is rarely vocal in large groups but can show a lot of characterization when speaking to one member of a team. Because of Raven"s history as being a prominent member of the Teen Titans, exploring the more nuanced aspects of her personality are usually done through one on one interactions with her teammates. Beast Boy, however, does for her exactly what she does for him by highlighting the emo/goth aspects of her characterization while showing the reader that there is more to her than her jaded exterior.

3 Superboy And Wonder Girl: What About Terra?

Speaking of Teen Titans, Gar Logan is known by many to have had a relationship with Terra in various DC continuities after her appearance in Teen Titans. This portrayal of Terra showed her in a more sympathetic light and has Beast Boy develop a crush on her. Because so many people are more likely to be exposed to DC characters outside of comics, plenty of people prefer the shipping of Terra and Beast Boy over Raven and Beast Boy. This interpretation was introduced in The New 52 and brought in the DCAMU"s adaptation of The Judas Contract.

Because many people associate Beast Boy with Terra and not Raven, it somewhat undermines the DC fans that think Raven and Beast Boy are a better couple than Wonder Girl and Superboy. Although they face a similar problem.

Much like how Cartoon Network"s Teen Titans popularized Terra and Beast Boy as a couple, Young Justice popularised the relationship between Miss Martian and Superboy. For many, this was their first introduction to Superboy, and his will they won"t they relationship with Miss Martian was an effective way for them to explore the alienation Conner felt instead of to the pressure he felt as Superman"s sidekick.

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Because Superboy lacks the guidance of Superman in Young Justice, romantically pairing him with M"Gann him to overcome his connection to Lex Luthor. Much like Terra and Beast Boy, this interpretation of the characters may have an impact on the comics and undermine the pairing of Wonder Girl and Superboy.

1 Superboy And Wonder Girl: Never Done Better (In Comics)

While The New 52 definitely had its bright spots, many reimaginings were not as successful as the original interpretations. The revamp of the Teen Titans had fundamentally changed the characters in a way that made them unrecognizable to readers.

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While Raven and Beast Boy"s relationship was somewhat of an echo chamber between how they were interpreted on the pages and on-screen, Wonder Girl and Super Boy were at their best in the comics during the early 2000s Teen Titans run. This run is what most people think of when they think of the relationship between Conner and Cassie. It could be argued that their relationship was a major aspect of what made them so compelling in the first place.

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