There appears to be a communication failure between cousins Stacey and Damon Dash. ~ above Thursday (Dec. 7), Dame required to Instagram come announce the his Kanye-West created film…


There seems to it is in a communication failure between cousins Stacey and also Damon Dash. Top top Thursday (Dec. 7), Dame took to Instagram to announce the his Kanye-West produced film, Honor Up, would certainly be hitting theater in February.

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Despite appearing on the poster alongsideDame and Cam’ron, Stacey claims she isn’t involved in the film.

After the picture circulated around social media, Stacey placed Dame top top blast for using their family members relationship come “advertise his movie.”

“I’m sorry the my cousin Damon Dash is utilizing our family members relationship come advertise his movie,” she tweeted including that she has actually no business dealings v Dame, or Yeezy.

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“No one is authorized to use my surname or photo for ‘Honor Up.’”

I’m sorry the my cousin Damon Dash is using our family relationship to advertise his movie. I have no written contract v him or Kanye West’s firm (who i have had no dealings through at all). Nobody is authorized to use my name or photograph for “Honor Up.”

— Stacey Dash (


The Clueless actress is also threatening legal action against Dame, according to a report indigenous The Jasmine Brand.



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