When spending time in lengthy Island, it’s essential to know the best dog parks to visit. We’ve rounded up some neighborhood gems the you (and her dog) will adore.

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5 finest Dog-Friendly Beaches in lengthy Island

Montauk BeachEast Hampton BeachesHither Hills State ParkShadmoor State ParkFire Island nationwide Seashore

1. Montauk Beach

Old Montauk Highway and Lincoln RdMontauk, NY 11954

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Heads up – pups aren’t allowed on the coast from might 15 to September in between 9 a.m. And 6 p.m.The rest of the year dog are permitted on the beach at any timeThey deserve to run openly – there room no leash regulations at MontaukJust make sure that you’re maintaining an eye on her pup, and that friend clean up after them, the locals will certainly appreciate it

2. Eastern Hampton Beaches

101 s AvenueEast Hampton, NY 11937

Dogs room welcome ~ above the coast without leashes in the off-seasonFrom the 2nd Sunday in may through September 30, pups deserve to only hang out before 10 a.m. And after 6 p.m. If they room ON leash. The rest of the time they sadly aren’t permitted on the coast at allPlastic bags are obtainable at the park – for this reason you’ll have actually no reason not to choose up after her pupMake sure to monitor the rules, as the beaches are actively patrolled trusted locals and four-legged friends regular this warm spot

3. Hither Hills State Park

164 Old Montauk HwyMontauk, NY 11954

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Located on the southerly shore close to the eastern guideline of long Island friend can carry your dog north of Montauk Parkway, east of Napeague Harbor and also west of overlook parkingKeep her dog top top a leash (no an ext than 6 feet long!)Enjoy the lovely see – simply keep dogs out of camping, bathing and picnic areasWide, flat and also sandy, it’s the perfect place for strollingHeads increase – it it s okay a small crowded here

4. Shadmoor State Park

900 Montauk HwyMontauk, NY 11954

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Your dog have the right to visit this park year-round, just make certain to keep them on-leashEnjoy beautiful long walking trails with scenic shoreline views – they’re clearly marked and safe come exploreOver 2,000 feet the beach as wellDon’t forget to look the end for ticks and other bugs

5. Fire Island national Seashore

120 Laurel StreetPatchogue, NY 11772

Soft, sandy beachesKeep her pup ~ above a leashHeads increase – some ferries will charge dog fareDon’t forget to choose up after her dog, the locals will certainly appreciate it

Have too numerous plans to practice your dog appropriately while you’re in long Island? no to worry – hire a regional dog walker that will it is in happy to show them around. Her dog will be happy you did!