ET speak to the stars the The Celebrity Plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills and also found out what it"s like to have actually a plastic surgeon as a spouse.

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ET spoke to the stars of The Celebrity Plastic operated doctor of Beverly Hills and also found the end what it's like to have a plastic surgeon together a spouse.

"I think marrying a plastic operated doctor is every girl's dream," Amron called ET.

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"Every now and then I carry out a tiny Botox on her," David said. "I've done a tiny bit of subtle, organic contouring to she cheek area."

While David appears happy to execute his wife's procedures, Dr. Robert Rey adopted a more reluctant tone as soon as talking around operating top top his wife, Hayley.

"I hate it, however she's the boss," Robert said.

Hayley went down the laundry list of body parts that she's had made over.

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"I've had actually Botox fillers in mine lips -- Juvederm." Hayley said. "I've had actually my breasts done, my ear pinned back. He does it." Diamond and also her husband Dr. Jason Diamond have likewise undergone the experience of she being his patient, yet they aren't most likely to repeat the process.

"I need to say that did not go smoothly," said. "It's choose the standard thing the when world say, 'You must not act family.' currently we understand why. It did not go well."

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The Celebrity Plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills, now easily accessible on Netflix, take away viewers right into the operating rooms and the lavish lifestyles that the doctors and also their spouses, yet it also shows the battles that they walk through. When taping the show, Robert and also Hayley to be going v the toughest time in their marriage.

"We were in reality talking about divorce," Hayley said. "We had two options. Either us divorce and go our separate ways, or we try and make this work."

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They eventually determined the latter.

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"I am just angry at him all the time and also just resentful, therefore we decided to spend more time together and rebuild our marriage," Hayley said.