Guinea pigs space fun, affectionate pets that are popular amongst households of all types, whether in dwellings or apartments. They might only watch like huge rodents at first glance, however you’ll shortly see that they room smart and curious animals overall. So, just just how intelligent room guinea pigs? They may be smarter than you think! Let’s discover the guinea pig’s intelligence and a few fascinating facts about them.

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How We translate Guinea Pig Intelligence

Obviously, a guinea pig cannot take an IQ test together a human can. Lock cannot was standing up and also debate a scholar or compose a dissertation because that college. So just how do we gauge the knowledge of guinea pigs? for the many part, we pay fist to your behaviors and reactions. Because that example, walk a guinea pig store going earlier to the law bowl the shocks lock every time they take it a bite, or perform they adapt and learn to remain away from the bowl at every costs?

That said, the bottom line is that we cannot recognize the actual intelligence of a guinea pig — we have the right to only yes, really guess. Still, we have a clean idea of what these pets can and cannot comprehend. They it seems ~ to recognize much an ext than most people give them credit for. Right here is what we know around the intelligence of guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs deserve to Learn

One authorize that guinea pigs space intelligent is the they have the right to learn quickly and also easily. You do not have to show this pet twice exactly how to find a treat in a details toy or exactly how to operate an practice ball. Guinea pigs have the right to learn how to follow after a details item during playtime, just how to gather your toys right into a edge when it is time to clean up, and how to head to a particular spot at naptime, amongst other things. If you have actually the patience come teach her guinea pig something new, possibilities are the they will discover it, whether quickly or eventually.

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They have the right to Recognize

Guinea pigs seem to easily be able to recognize people, things, and also situations that recur in your lives. Because that instance, they will squeal or cry out as soon as they gain excited to see a family member come home. Lock seem to recognize specific foods as their favorites and seek them out. Guinea pigs can recognize dangerous situations too, like when a dog enters the room the they space inhabiting. Some even recognize as soon as a acquainted tune come on the radio or television.

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They have the right to Be Potty Trained

Another authorize of intelligence that guinea pigs display screen is their capability to be potty trained. They deserve to learn just how to usage a litter box similar to a cat can. It will most likely take you much more time to potty train a guinea pig 보다 it would certainly a cat, however it have the right to be done. So, a guinea pig is smart sufficient to recognize as soon as they have to use the bathroom and then to offer themselves sufficient time to uncover their restroom spot before relieving themselves, i beg your pardon is fairly impressive.

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They seem to have a an excellent Memory

Guinea pigs have tendency to remember things well. For instance, if lock hide a snack what in their habitat, they will remember it because that days and ward other guinea pigs far from that whenever they obtain nearby. They seem to remember peoples’ faces and react accordingly. They could squeal when their parent comes home and also stomp your feet in excitement as soon as a fun-loving son walks in the door ~ school. They may likewise cower in the edge when challenged with someone who they execute not remember.


Fascinating Facts about Guinea Pigs You should Know

There are a couple of interesting facts the you should know around the guinea pig. This can give you an ext insight right into their intelligence and how they emerged it. Plus, this facts will help you decide if a guinea pig is the right type of pet for your household.

These are Old Animals

Did you recognize that the guinea pig to be initially tamed by people in the Andes because that food? The domestication procedure began in around 5,000 B.C.

They like to Talk

Guinea pigs are well-known for your vocals. They will certainly chirp as soon as they room happy, they will squeal when they acquire excited, they will whistle when they feeling excited or frisky, and also they will also purr like a cat once they feel content.

They space Not Pigs

Due to your name and general appearance, that is a usual misconception the the guinea pig is some type of pig breed. Instead, they are rodents, similar to mice and also rats are. Their larger size and much more cuddly nature are what do them more attractive together pets than various other rodents.

They enjoy Socializing

Guinea pigs would favor to invest their time with various other guinea pigs. If castle cannot, castle yearn for communication with human companions and also other varieties of animals that will certainly be friendly come them, also dogs.

They room Born prepared to Rumble

While various other rodents room born hairless and with their eyes closed, the guinea pig has a complete body that hair and can see as shortly as they come out of the womb. Lock are all set to uncover their food resource and to save themselves warmth from the get-go.

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Guinea Pigs should Gnaw

Gnawing is one instinct because that the guinea pig. That helps save their this filed under so they execute not end up being too intrusive, and also it gives them a mental and physical outlet the they have the right to rely on throughout the morning, noon, and also night. These animals should be noted with things like twigs, apple chunks, hay, and chew toys day-to-day to fulfill their gnawing needs.

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Guinea pigs room intelligent creatures that yearn to learn new things and also certainly do not desire to sit in a cage all day long. Think of your guinea pig an ext like a cat or a dog than a rodent. Her pet may enjoy quick walks in the yard, gamings with balls, and also learning new tricks as much as the next canine. What around the guinea pig interests girlfriend the most, and also why? We want to listen from you — feel free to leave us a comment!

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