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The Grand tourism star James May, 57, to be quizzed about rumours he has been linked to over the years, consisting of whether or not he is regarded Brian May, 73, and also former element Minister Theresa May, 63. Addressing the continuous rumour the the Queen star is his brother, the automobile enthusiast claimed he had never met the rockstar yet wouldn’t mental being pertained to him.

We room not in any means related, ns haven’t also met him

James May

He revealed: “No he’s no sadly , I would certainly love to have Brian might as my brother because he’s an excellent and has fantastic hair.

“He’s slightly older than me, so he’d need to be my huge brother.

“We room not in any method related, ns haven’t also met him.”

The previous Top gear star go on come say: “I know world who have met Brian May and also they have said the is a lovely man.


Presenter Jay quizzed the host about his earlier days in music, in i beg your pardon he studied the topic at university and also played the flute and also piano.

“I’m actually far better on the piano, i did a music degree but I never imagined I’d it is in a musician,” he divulged.

“That was one more thing i did as it simply so occurred I to be able to carry out it and I fancied going come university.

“I to be pretty useless together a young person, I had no ambition and also no vision into my future, i was pretty lazy.

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“I was a very late developer, therefore the future was constantly a grey fog, it still is a grey fog to be honest, however there’s a small bit of definition in there.”

After graduating from university, he briefly operated at a hospital as a records officer and had a brief stint in the polite service.

He go on to work-related as a sub-editor because that The Engineer and later Autocar magazine.

In 2003, he started fronting Top equipment alongside Jeremy Clarkson and also Richard Hammond until 2015.

From 2016, the trio began fronting the Amazon series The cool Tour.

Earlier this year, James also fronted his own show James May: Our man in Japan.

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During lockdown and also his rest from filming because that The grand Tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, the auto expert produced a brand-new driving theory test app.