Having your son go ~ above trial because that the the possession of child pornography is a lot for any kind of parent to process. For this reason there’s no doubt the Jim Bob and also Michelle Duggar have much more than a bit of strain on your relationship.

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However, currently rumors space buzzing the the pair is headed because that divorce. Considering their religious beliefs, it’s safe to assume that this would be a last will for the couple. Space things really that bad?


The Hollywood Gossip obtained the inside scoop ~ above what is right now happening with Josh Duggar’s case.

Earlier this week, Josh’s lawyers asked because that the federal government to release details that had actually been gathered through the prosecution in July, yet the Assistant U.S. Attorney responded that the defense to be engaging in “impermissible fishing expedition for evidence that is one of two people nonexistent, immaterial come his defense, or already produced.”

“Despite the defendant’s repetitive incantation, the two police officers were not affiliated with the unified States’ federal investigation of the defendant and also they go not carry out the prosecution team with any materials,” they wrote. “They certainly were not acting on instead of of the United states with respect to this case, as explained in more detail above, and also the defendant’s inquiry for this alleged Brady material should as such be denied.”

The prosecution included that there to be nothing unusual about how castle uncovered the proof from Josh’s computer.

“As with numerous cases based on undercover investigations of individuals sharing child sex-related abuse product (CSAM) end peer-to-peer networks, this situation is straightforward,” the attorney argued.

The prosecution additionally explained that Detective Amber Kalmer used legislation enforcement software application to download the filed directly from Josh’s computer. She then sent out those findings to certified dealer Gerald Faulkner that Homeland defense Investigations. The materials were climate traced back to Josh’s IP address.

One record contained 65 photo filed of one young girl, while one more depicted 2 pubescent girls participating in clear activities.

The government’s latest filing states:

A succeeding forensic examination of that machine and other tools seized indigenous the defendant and also the auto lot pursuant come the warrant uncovered proof demonstrating the the defendant supplied the HP desktop computer to download indigenous the internet and, subsequently, own multiple files showing minors involved in sexually clearly conduct.

It is unsure what Josh’s defense is looking for by asking the federal government to release their evidence due to the fact that it appears it is every public expertise at this allude in time.

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Meanwhile, it seems that Michelle and Jim Bob’s relationship is in rocky waters.